Why do people rent instead of buy?

Why do people rent instead of buy?

There are several reasons why people rent instead of buying and research carried out by Knight Knox polled 2,000 renters to find out more!


As expected affordability is one of the keys factors as to why people rent instead of buy, simply because they don’t have the means to purchase a home although here at Next Home we work with government schemes to help people get on ladder, sometimes even without a deposit, by working in conjunction with lenders on schemes such as Help to Buy & LIFT.


Another reason polled is because renters claimed it suits their lifestyle. Younger people polled claimed that it appeals as they aren’t stuck to one location, together with others saying they preferred not having the commitment to having to maintain a property.


It appears that the main reason people rent instead of buying is the struggle to raise the funds to purchase a property but, as previously mentioned our dedicated team of mortgage brokers work tirelessly to be able to look into each clients affordability and lending probability as well as working in conjunction with government schemes.

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