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Get Moving This Summer With Next Home

With the world returning to some sort of normality you can sense a level of relief for a lot of people. As travel restrictions have lessened, I have certainly seen the town centres becoming busier and shops beginning to open again which is great news. To see a small buzz of excitement as people become more confident socialising, whilst still maintaining their ‘safe space’ certainly makes us believe we are heading in the right direction, safely!

The Property market has been in full flow for months now and we have worked very carefully to keep everyone safe. Property prices have been on the rise and each month we have seen new records throughout our offices, this is great news for sellers. As spring turns to summer, we have seen large numbers of properties coming to the market but still the demand remains higher.

Selling this summer – has there ever been a more exciting time?

For sellers who are looking for great prices and fast selling times there has never been a better market.

We can confidently say to our customers that moving has never been easier. Within the first few days of marketing with Next Home we have seen a great number of customers receiving offers they cannot quite believe! making the cost of moving a profitable proposition. Our average selling price has been around £15,000 over the asking for the last two months and this may continue for rest of the summer.

Maximising value – grab the opportunity!

So, if you are considering selling what a superb opportunity.

You may have been on the market in the last few years and thought it just was not the right time or you may have wanted a little more, so decided to wait. If this is the case start packing and give us a call now. There never been a better time to maximise your price. And with interest rates so low for buyers, property is still so affordable.

Ashley Thomson quotes
‘All my customers right now are raving about the current property market. The confidence in property is bringing droves of buyers into our market, I just need to find them the right home. The benefit of working here at Next Home is that our five offices generate an enormous amount of interest, this in turn helps sellers get the very best price. Lots of my clients, who I have kept in touch which over the last year, are now deciding its the right time to sell and who could argue with that.

Huge Savings with Next Home…….
Next home has held their promise by offering their clients an amazing free home report saving their clients hundreds of pounds and it shows! Through June more people chose Next Home than any other agent and that is why we are number one. Our average sales time in June was about 17 days and we managed to get our clients an average of nearly £15,000 for the last 2 months! Our teams have been truly amazing.

If you are thinking of moving please do get in touch , I am sure you will have a very pleasant surprise on how much your home is worth and we would be delighted to work help you achieve your dreams.’ Call me on 01738 44 43 42 for your free valuation.

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My name is Dominic and I would like to introduce myself as your new dedicated Advisor in our Next Home office in Blairgowrie. I live within 25 minutes of our office with my partner Sam and our son George, we are currently expecting the arrival of our second child any day now!

I have worked in Financial Services for the last 10 years, most recently however working in our Perth office as part of your Next Home Mortgage Club. My job is to look after all of our existing clients ensuring that you all have access to the best mortgage rates, and the best protection plans for you and your family.

I have an extensive knowledge of the Perthshire property market and will be delighted to help with both mortgage or property related enquiries.

I will be in touch with your regularly as part of our on-going service to our Mortgage Club members. In the meantime, please feel free to give me a call or pop in to our Blairgowrie office if you need anything!

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May Market Update

The Market shows no sign of slowing as record prices achieved right across Perthshire with Next Home

Kenny McCulley reports

With our sales report now complete for the last quarter the market is not showing any signs of slowing up. Throughout our offices we have seen the speed of sales just getting quicker. Next Home are now recording average sale times of just over 3 weeks across their stock and average of £10,000 over the asking price.

All of our areas are slightly different but there is one common factor, prices are on the rise. With Mortgage rates maintained at an all time low and buying schemes to help with deposits the property market is booming. Each one of our new properties is receiving about 10-12 viewings, all of which can buy immediately. Our mortgage department have been working non-stop to ensure our buyers have access to the very best products and are ready when they find the right property. We still have over 50 first time buyers ready to go and willing to offer great prices.

We urgently require more stock!

If there ever was a time to sell its right now, whether you are planning a move or releasing some capital for your retirement, prices are fantastic with Next Home.

We have just set a record in negotiations, and our skilled team have managed to achieve over 1 Million pounds in the last 12 months over the asking price for our clients. In the month of April alone we organised 4 closing dates and secured nearly £170,000 over the asking price for our clients. The one thing we need is more properties. If you are considering selling, please call your local office, we would be delighted to help. Our free home report offer is still aviailable right now which could save you up to £700.

So if you are considering selling we would love to hear from you. Call us anytime to get your free market appraisal, you may be very surprised on what your home is really worth!

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Home Insurance provides us peace of mind that our home and contents are financially protected should anything happen to our property. Unfortunately, many people stick their policy in the drawer and forget about it, but there are many reasons why we shouldn’t and need to be reviewing it regularly.

Here are some main reasons why:
Premium- Have you noticed over the last few years that your premium has increased at renewal. Are you now concerned that you are paying too much?
Marital Status or Occupation- Did you know that incorrect information such as a change to your occupation or your martial status can potentially invalidate a claim if your insurer are not aware of the changes?
Home Improvements- It is important to let your insurer know of any major changes that could potentially increase the value of your home. This prevents you being under insured.
You have started working from home- If you have set up a small business from your home, it is vitally important to let your insurer know as most standard policies only cover a small amount for business equipment.

It is also crucial to have the correct cover in place, and not to leave yourself under insured. Did you know that if you are under insured then your insurer could reduce the amount of your claim? This is known as ‘the average clause’

Our Mortgage and Protection advisers are highly experienced and qualified in giving advise regarding Home Insurance. This is why we know how important it is to review cover regularly.

CALL US TO REVIEW YOUR POLICY TODAY. We will pay any cancellation fee charged by your current insurer for leaving them before your renewal is due.

Best Regards, Lisha Moffat.

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March Property Market Update

Perthshire Property experts Next Home discuss the positive market ahead and highlights from the Budget.

Getting onto the property Ladder could not be easier than right now.

With the Budget announced on Wednesday there are to be some incredibly positive news for the property market. Allowing for smaller deposits and potentially less to pay on LBTT.

Rishi Sunak’s plans for the economy continued to be leaked out gently ahead of Yesterday’s confirmation, the latest being a plan to help buyers with small mortgage deposits get on the property ladder.

Due to start on April the 1st, the scheme will help the tens of thousands of young buyers who were excluded from the market by the disappearance of 95% LTV mortgages at the start of the pandemic as lenders looked to reduce their exposure.

Government officials say the scheme, which will require first time buyers to scrape together a 5% deposit, will be similar in some ways to previous the previous Help to Buy mortgage scheme and is designed to be its successor.

It will run alongside the existing Help To Buy equity loan scheme which, although also similar, is only for new build homes. It is due to end in 2023. The government is to become guarantor for part of the loans which will be for properties up to £600,000.

So if you need advice give our dedicated Mortgage Team a call on 01738 45 90 69 and they will be delighted to guide you.

So does the future look bright for home buyers?

These continued announcements show the governments direct intent to further support our country’s desire for Home ownership. Support levels have been incredible over the last few years, and long may it continue.

The schemes we have available combined with low interest rates have never made home ownership more affordable. Our Property and Mortgage experts around Perthshire regularly see the number of first-time buyers increasing, and we are delighted to help them find their first home.

John Greener quotes

If anyone in this market needs advice please get in touch, there are a lot of confusing messages regarding moving and the rules during the pandemic, but we are here to help. All we are trying to accomplish right now its to give homeowners the very best advice, whether buying or selling its all so important to get it right!

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Pre-Christmas Update

Welcome everyone to your pre-Christmas update from the Next Home Team across Perthshire and Tayside. Its not often you hear about good news in the press recently, but for sellers with our Estate Agents across the region winter has been very positive indeed.

John Greener
Sales Director, comments

“The Winter Market is still in full swing as buyers clamber to take advantage of the tax saving when buying properties. The pent up demand was very much underestimated during our full lockdown and now buyers are determined to make a move. 

This effectively is a real incentive for buyers to move before the 31st of March 2021. Below you can see where the tax implications on purchases below £250,000 are reduced to £0 until then. So if you are selling it maybe worth launching your home before Christmas, or at least getting your chosen agent instructed early January.

The order 2020′ introduced by the Scottish Government on 15 July 2020 has been a complete success in stimulating the property market, the question now will be, will they extend this further?”

Our thoughts so far is that this may come to an end in March as legislated for as the government place measures to increase taxation to recoup their support schemes across the country since Covid.

So if I am looking to sell when would you recommend?

Ashley Thomson
Area Sales Manager, comments

“It may seem a little strange with Christmas almost upon us but my advice would be to get your agent working for you now. Buyers are very aware of the savings and this continues to attract them to viewing, making this a ‘Sellers’ Market’ . This combined with Next homes ‘Free Home Report Scheme’ which may come to an end soon means Big saving for sellers and Buyers alike.

If you are thinking of selling in December or January call us now to get an up to date valuation and free consultation on the market so you are ready. Do not miss out on your potential savings, Christmas is expensive enough! – By calling us before the new year could save up to £700 for sellers. And if you are selling and buying before March the 31st up to £2100 additional in LBTT.”

My team is available 7 days a week for advice, just call our dedicated number 01738 44 43 42 and we would be delighted to help and guide you how to save Thousands in buying and selling.

We hope you are all well and enjoying the beautiful countryside as the autumn sets in around Perthshire and Tayside. The October holidays have flown by and we hope you have managed to get a little break with your families. Lets all hope we see normality return again so we can plan some Christmas family time together.
So lets bring you all up to speed on the October Market and how Next Home have seen Property sales right across Perthshire.

Local Prices and volumes of sales

Ashley Thomson
Area Sales Manager, comments

“There is still a very positive tone to the market in Tayside and Perthshire. We have seen large volumes of Properties sell within days of marketing and achieving well over the Home Report value. Closing dates are not unusual with sometimes up to 5 or 6 interested parties coming forward. There is a great opportunity for all home movers to save money right now with the tax relief and very low rates for borrowing. We know the last applications were submitted for the first home fund and this has now ended until the start of the 2021. This has been fantastic for the market but is not the only support in getting on that property ladder. The Lift Scheme and the New home fund continues and is such a great boost for buyers. Also, Lending is still available with very low deposits so please speak to our experts if you are considering buying.”

Award Winners – Double sales figures for your local Blairgowrie team

We are delighted this quarter to announce our award-winning team who look after Blairgowrie and the surrounding area have had an exceptional Few Months. National Property Portal Rightmove have just released data which confirms compared to other Agents using Rightmove in the Blairgowrie area, Next Home have sold double the number of Properties since June.
Congratulations everyone – that is why you are number 1.

Don’t forget if you are looking to sell – for a limited time only we have an unbeatable offer… (limited time only*)

Next Home 24hr Launch package – which includes

  • Same day valuation service (Video Valuations getting carried out within 15 minutes)
  • Free Home Report (co-ordinated with the local surveyors , saving of up to £700)
  • Professional photography – including stunning brochure
  • HD video – Internal and external
  • 7 days a week service to sale – we take care of everything
  • Premium listing on National Websites – Rightmove and Zoopla
  • Access to 1000’s of Local buyers – exclusive database of Buyers each week we reach 25,000+
  • Dedicated Social media Campaign – Targets your audience within minutes

Call 01738 44 43 42 to secure your ‘Platinum package’ now

With the current situation with Covid it seems a strange time to celebrate, but Next Home have reached another milestone this September. For over 16 years Next Home have been an intrinsic part of the Property scene in Perthshire and have seen some quite dramatic changes in the way Properties are bought and sold. The good news right now is that Properties are moving at quite a pace and if you are thinking of selling, Next Home have a fantastic ‘Exclusive Platinum Marketing Package’ to get you moving.

The Offer (limited time only*)

Next Home 24hr Launch package – which includes

  • Same day valuation service (Video Valuations getting carried out within 15 minutes)
  • Free Home Report (co-ordinated with the local surveyors , saving of up to £700)
  • Professional photography – including stunning brochure
  • HD video – Internal and external
  • 7 days a week service to sale – we take care of everything
  • Premium listing on National Websites – Rightmove and Zoopla
  • Access to 1000’s of Local buyers – exclusive database of Buyers each week we reach 25,000+
  • Dedicated Social media Campaign – Targets your audience within minutes

Call 01738 44 43 42 to secure your ‘Platinum package’ now

September Sales reach new level of success for Next Home with over 40 properties under offer.

‘The results keep coming as Next Home register record numbers of buyers across Perthshire’.

Ashley Thomson,
Area Sales Manager, quotes

“The team having been working nonstop now for weeks to organise essential viewings for our clients. With the current situation we can only be working with qualified buyers. This has become an essential part of the success for our clients. Next Home are ensuring we are Negotiating with buyers in a position to offer, this keeps the market safe and moving at the same time. There is no doubt that we have had a fabulous response from the public, and they are so glad to help by wearing masks and gloves to keep everyone safe. This practice has allowed us to operate effectively and see huge success for our clients over the last 3 months.”

Kenny McCulley,
Area Valuer, quotes

“The best part of being with Next Home is that we have a dedicated Mortgage and Legal team to help all our movers. Having all of these services under one roof is essential right now so we can remove any uncertainty on Value and affordability within minutes. Our award-winning Mortgage team have over 100 first time buyers ready to go and actively viewing in the market. This makes us very unique right now in the marketplace and lets us remove that worry from any seller when it comes to moving.”

We would always suggest if anyone is thinking of selling to contact our  Mortgage team. They are working 7 days a week via video for the client’s convenience. Within minutes our clients are able to confirm their finance, liaise with the legal team and get ready to bring their property to the market.

Over the last couple of Months we have manged to launch a clients property within 24hrs, that combined with our selling times we’ve had clients sold and bought within the week!

After a hectic two weeks of New Listings and Sales Next Home are back to what they love best, selling Property. This week we thought we would get a little insight into our team and just one reason why they really get a kick out of helping customers moving in this market.

Over 150 clients successfully moved so far since lockdown and counting – meet Perthshire’s hardest working team!

If you are thinking of selling don’t hesitate to get in touch, as you will ready we would love to help!

Meet the award winning team

Ashley Thomson,
Area Property Manager

“I love property. If there is one thing that makes all our hard work worthwhile, it must be how we make our clients feel. I receive such warm feedback from our clients, buyers, and sellers that my team really care, that’s what makes me proud. We are without a doubt one big family here at Next Home and everyone of us loves what we do.”

Kenny McCulley,
Area Valuer

“It may seem a little cliché, but my greatest feeling comes from the client trusting me to help them move. Every day I visit client’s homes and they trust me to give them sound advice and realistic moving times. Over 6 years of selling experience with Next Home gives the client a great deal of confidence in my skills and ability and I love proving every time they have made the right decision.”

Karis Hutchinson,
Senior Sales Negotiator

“When it comes to selling your home, all clients feel under a little pressure or stress. I like nothing more than turning that stress and worry into excitement and happiness when we get the client moving. I know I have found my perfect role in Property.”

Zara Rollinson,
Sales & Lettings Negotiator

“From day one of working at Next Home what  makes me feel proud is how happy clients are when selling and buying with Next Home. It feels great after working hard to match buyers to their dream home, seeing them on move in day, picking up their keys. Thats why i love what i do!”

Cara Maclellan,
Sales Negotiator

“I get such a great feeling in pleasing the client and making their move so much easier. Hearing a client so happy in their voice over the phone is my best feeling. Its that point where they now know they’ll be making their dream move, nothing could be better!.”

Mortgage News Next Home News

Mortgage Club

To deliver this 7 days a week we need to have the most capable people in our industry. Over the last year we have been headhunting the very Best Advisors and now we have 5 Dedicated Mortgage and Insurance Experts based locally for you.

The fabulous five will be on hand to deliver a truly exceptional personal service to our Mortgage Club Members. This is not a call centre working remotely, these are your ‘Team for Life’.

So, without further ado I would like to introduce you to you to some familiar faces, and some new.

Mortgage Club Manager
Lisha Moffat

Lisha started with our company over a year ago and has been learning the business from the ground roots up. She has shown a real passion for property and offers a first-class service to our clients. When the opportunity came up Lisha was very keen to take her knowledge and previous mortgage experience through to our mortgage department.

Mortgage & Protection Adviser
Leann Polson

Leann has been in the Financial Services industry for over 28 years. She has worked in back-office and customer front-facing roles and been giving Mortgage & Protection Advice now for over 14 years. Leann believes there is no better feeling than to help our clients buy their dream home whether this is their first home or their forever home.

Mortgage & Protection Adviser
Dominic Lees

Dominic is originally from Shropshire and has lived in the North East of Scotland for the last 15 years, starting as a student at Aberdeen University. He has taken a rather unorthodox route into Financial Services, having spent a number of years running various Shops in Aberdeen before moving on to Nationwide Building Society and then on to become a Mortgage Advisor. He has a real passion for helping clients and loves to go the extra mile. He is never happier than when he is speaking with his clients, any time of the day (or night!), and service with a smile is always guaranteed.

Mortgage & Protection Adviser
Jade Johnson-Cowan

Jade joined Next Home after receiving great mortgage advice herself from Next Home during her maternity leave from the bank. This spurred Jade on to leave the bank as the opportunity to offer clients products across the whole market was beneficial when advising them on their mortgage and protection needs.

Being able to work in my local town and help people I know with their largest outgoing, is extremely satisfying. I have saved so many clients money which has helped them be in a better financial position.

With over 70 years combined industry experience between them, we believe we have the very best people in our industry to look after the most important people in our company…..You !

They will be in touch with you over the coming months to introduce themselves and to let you know all about our services and how they can help you. However if you need any immediate advice just let us know.

Remember all our Mortgage Club Members receive FREE ADVICE FOR LIFE, there are no fees for our advice.

Look out for our next email which will include news on our Monthly Prize Draw which this month is a Galaxy Tablet.

Kind regards

Brian McCulley
Financial Services Operations Manager

Main Office: 01738 45 90 69

Brian McCulley