Next Home Managed Plus

A property management service designed for landlords who want to spend the minimum amount of time on the routine letting of their property – and the maximum amount of time enjoying the financial rewards.

Next Home will assess the rental value of your property, market your property online, provide a full tenant selection and liaison service and undertake full management of your property. You will also benefit from expert property advice to maximise your return on investment.

What’s the cost?

Call us on 01738 44 43 42 or enquire now for the best management fees in the business

Letting multiple properties? If you have a portfolio of properties you’d like us to manage, or a particularly high yielding property, we may be able to reduce our fees. Please contact us for details.

No landlord registration fees. No let, no fee.* No time to lose.

What’s included:

  • Dedicated Local AgentAs a landlord you will have one point of local contact. No passing you from pillar to post, no time wasted talking to people in the wrong department. A real person to deal with; someone who understands your business. You will benefit from your local agent’s experience and expertise. Your local agent will provide you with accurate rental valuations rather than false promises, and will help you to rent your property fast and maximise your rental income.
  • Property Evaluation and Rental AssessmentYour Next Home local agent will meet with you in your property, provide you with a free, no obligation rental assessment and give you advice on how to let the property.
  • Advertising on over 20 Property WebsitesWhen you register your property to let with Next Home, you will be advertising with: Herald Scotland, Zoopla, Right Move, Globrix, Sunday Herald, Homes on View, Find a, Homes for Sale, The Guardian, Evening Times, Google,, Homes 24, Prime Location, Perthshire Advertiser, Digital Property Group, House Ladder, Welcome Home, The Times, The Sun, The Sunday Times, The Independent, The Telegraph, Aol, MSN, This Is, Talk Talk, London Evening Standard, Homes & Property & Daily Mail.
  • Property MatchingAs soon as your property is registered with Next Home, your property details will be forwarded to our regularly updated tenant database, giving you instant exposure to tenants who are actively seeking property to rent.
  • To Let BoardNext Home will erect and remove a To Let board at your property, should it be beneficial to the letting process. Sometimes a board is not required.
  • Dealing with Tenant Enquiries (pre-letting)Next Home will deal with all tenant enquiries at the pre-letting stage, handle applications and arrange viewings.
  • Dealing with Tenant ApplicationsNext Home will deal with all tenant applications. We may accept applications from tenants in receipt of Housing Benefit, but only subject to your prior approval, suitable credit referencing and usually with a guarantor for the tenancy.
  • Viewings Conducted by AgentNext Home will make arrangements for the prospective tenant to view your property with your Next Home local agent.
  • Tenant Credit CheckingNext Home will conduct a basic credit check on your potential tenant and obtain a scoring to give you an indication of the level of risk that the tenant may pose. This process will enable you to identify undesirable, high risk, or fraudulent prospective tenants.
  • Tenant ReferencingNext Home will conduct a basic credit check (as above) and also carry out a full referencing service, checking that the references as supplied by the tenant are bona fide.
  • Checking Tenant into PropertyNext Home will check your tenant into the property and ensure that:
    • All the necessary lease and tenancy paperwork is completed in line with current legislation.
    • The direct debit mandate for payment of rent is completed.
    • Gas and electrical meter readings are taken, then our team will write to the current suppliers to make sure that the billing for the property is accurate.
    • The inventory and condition report are agreed.
    • The tenant receives copies of the current Gas (if supplied to the property), Electrical and Portable Appliance Test (PAT) Certificates as well as a copy of the HMO License (where required).
    • The council is notified of incoming tenants for the purposes of council tax.

  • Consolidated Financial StatementsYou will receive a detailed property statement by e-mail from Next Home every time rent is paid into your account, which will show all income and expenditure on your property. You will receive these reports on a per property basis and also, on request, in a consolidated format.
  • Basic Inventory Preparation and AgreementNext Home will prepare a basic inventory and condition report. For unfurnished properties, this will be a condition of fabric report, supported by photos. In the case of furnished properties, the report will also include large items such as beds, sofas, white goods etc., but will not include small electrical appliances, crockery and cutlery etc. The inventory will not extend to the contents of non-residential basements, attics or outhouses. Should you require a more detailed inventory, you can opt for our Premium Inventory Service – details are in the list of optional add-on services.
  • Handling Lease Agreement and Legal RequirementsNext Home will ensure that you are fully protected with the correct lease documents for your property. We are fully compliant with Scottish and English requirements. Next Home will also offer advice regarding the legal requirements of property letting and assist you with compliance.
  • Collection of Security DepositCollection of Security DepositNext Home will collect one month’s rental from the tenant at the start of the tenancy as a security deposit.
  • Tenant HandbookThe tenant receives the Next Home tenant handbook detailing the main workings of the flat, e.g. heating, appliances, electrical and gas meters etc. and useful local information, such as the addresses and telephone numbers for the Doctor’s Surgery, Police Station, Schools etc.
  • Ongoing Tenant LiaisonNext Home will deal with all routine tenant enquiries during the tenancy. We will provide all tenants with a tenant hotline number and also a tenant maintenance hotline number. These numbers are answered 24/7. Your Next Home local agent will be your tenant’s first point of contact.
  • Checking Tenant out of PropertyTo check the tenant out of the property, Next Home will:
    • Write to the tenant a minimum of 2 month’s prior to the lease end to find out whether or not they wish to retain the lease or, in situations where the landlord wishes to take back the property, give the tenant notice to quit and serve an AT6 (for Scottish properties). Note: should the landlord and tenant wish to renew the lease, a fixed lease renewal fee of £50 is payable to Next Home.
    • Fourteen days prior to lease end, send the tenant a checklist together with a copy of the inventory to prepare in advance (allowing them to make repairs, replacements etc).
    • Wherever possible, provide the tenant’s forwarding address to the Council and utilities suppliers to allow them to collect any outstanding amounts due from the tenant.
    • Notify the council that the tenant is moving out.
    • Go through the inventory with the tenant on the day of check out and agree any variance and any damages to the condition of the property or to fixtures and fittings. We will take meter readings, check utility supplier details and write to the suppliers with the final readings.

  • Dealing with Utility Suppliers and Council TaxIf you have ever had the pleasure of dealing with utility suppliers and with your local authority, you will appreciate how much work is involved! Next Home will deal with utility companies and the council tax while your properties are under our management. We are also able to offer your tenants great deals on energy packages, which can also benefit the landlord. For example, one of our suppliers will not charge when a property is empty. This takes away the irritation of being chased for payment of a few pounds here and there – and maximises your revenue.
  • Annual Rent AssessmentYour Next Home local agent will carry out an annual rent assessment of your property. The rental market can improve or decline but, as the expert with local knowledge, your agent is best placed to advise you about the best strategy for renting your property. Remember that an empty property is a bad investment; our aim is to let your property with as few voids as possible.
  • Repairs Managed by AgentNext Home will fully manage any required repairs on your behalf – from a broken handle to a full refurbishment – saving you time and energy. We will always send out quotes for any works over £150 (or higher fixed amount if previously agreed with the landlord). Any repairs costing less than this maximum agreed amount will be carried out automatically by Next Home and billed to the landlord, in accordance with the agreed terms & conditions. We are confident that you’ll appreciate our levels of service and benefit from the competitive rates that we negotiate with our team of highly skilled approved tradesmen. For emergency repairs, Next Home will proceed with the repair if we are unable to contact the landlord for 24 hours. The necessary repairs will of course be carried out as cost-effectively as possible for the landlord.
  • Holding of Security DepositThe security deposit will be held by Next Home on behalf of the landlord. In the event of a dispute between the landlord and tenant regarding final deductions from the deposit, Next Home will act as arbitrator. In England, to meet legal requirements, the deposit will be placed in a Deposit Protection scheme, or Next Home will hold the deposit with the appropriate professional insurance in place.
  • Return of Security DepositWhen Next Home checks the tenant out of the property, we will make deductions from the security deposit to pay for any tenant repairs or cleaning required as a consequence of tenant damage to the flat. If the landlord is responsible for handling repairs, this money will be passed to the landlord. The balance of the security deposit will be returned to the tenant one month after the end of the lease when proof has been received that all bills have been paid. Next Home will, wherever possible, provide the tenant’s forwarding address to the Council and utilities suppliers to allow them to collect any outstanding amounts due from the tenant.
  • Rent CollectionNext Home will collect all rent due on your property from the tenant. Rent is paid by the tenant by Direct Debit or Standing Order. We will provide receipts to the tenant and keep a rental account for each tenancy. Next Home will transfer all rental monies, less deducted fees, to the landlord promptly – within 5 business days of receiving the rent.
  • Pursuing Rent ArrearsIn the event of rental arrears occurring, Next Home will notify the tenant immediately by email, text message or letter that they are behind with the rent. Next Home will also inform the landlord, by e-mail, of the situation. Next Home will then liaise directly with the tenant to remedy the situation as soon as possible whilst also informing the landlord of progress. If the tenant is still in arrears after two months, Next Home will contact them and any guarantor in writing to advise that if they do not pay by an agreed date, eviction proceedings will commence. Next Home do not manage the eviction process, we will however recommend a suitable lawyer who can manage the process on your behalf. Please note: good management is about the avoidance of arrears and this is done through good tenant selection, credit checking and referencing. Rent guarantee insurance is also a good means of protection against non-payment and should be considered by the landlord.
  • Refurbishment and Landlord AdviceNext Home offers free advice about property upgrading to landlords on our Managed Plus package. We have an experienced team of letting professionals who can help you get the most out of your property.
  • Three-Monthly Property InspectionsWe will conduct an inspection of your property every three months during the tenancy and provide you with a report detailing any areas in which your property is in need of attention.
  • Processing NRL (Non-Resident Landlord) Quarterly ReturnsIf you are an overseas landlord, Next Home will assist you in registering as an NRL with HMRC. On receipt of your NRL number, Next Home will transfer your rental income to you gross. If you choose not to register as an NRL with HMRC, Next Home will deduct the tax from your rental income on your behalf and transfer your rental income to you net of tax (at the current rate, which can be checked on

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