Top tips for tenants vacating a property

Top tips for tenants vacating a property

Be organised, don’t stress yourself over being unorganised. Although we are all guilty of this, here are some tips to make the process smooth sailing.


Cleaning– This may be the last thing you think about but it may be the most important. When you leave the property you should leave it in the condition it was when you entered. It’s always good to deep clean the property including ovens and lightshades. Please note- always check your tenancy agreement as there may be terms and conditions to follow for example, some agents require the carpets to be professionally cleaned before leaving the property.


Be organised with packing– We are all guilty of leaving packing till last minute- give yourself plenty of time to do this, that way you can organise your items easy when unpacking. If you haven’t already, make sure you have organised a removal van.


Garden– The garden needs to be left in good condition, same as the internal of the property. Good idea to give the grass a cut, trim any hedges and remove any weeds.


Cancel your standing order for your rent– To not leave yourself out of pocket, make sure you cancel your standing order down. Yes it may be easy to get this back from the owner or agents but best to avoid if possible.


Mail– You cant be sure the new tenant will forward your mail onto your new address so make sure you redirect your mail so that it gets to you.


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