Ever thought about making an income out of a spare room???

Ever thought about making an income out of a spare room???


Have your kids all flown the nest and now you are left in a home big enough for 5? Why not put the unused space to good use and have that little bit more in your pocket every month…


If you are considering renting out room out, here are some information to get you started!


Think- Make sure you take a hard think about this as much as the money side of it sounds great but you have to remember all that is involved. Do you mind sharing your kitchen and bathroom with someone? If not, you could really benefit from it.


No Bills??- As delightful as that may sound, renting out a room to someone can cover your monthly bills, that way you can put your money to something more exciting like an exotic holiday!!


Will I manage to rent my room out?- With figures showing a rise from 1.4 per cent to 2.7 per cent in a year! That says it all!!. With the University Of Highlands & Islands on the doorstep, students from all over the world come to study in this area and some may like the sound of a private home instead of being in student accommodation.


Get it in writing- As you are taking on a big responsibility its always best to get ground rules and to get it in writing- just so nothing goes wrong and that it is a pleasant experience for you both.


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