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Fast broadband is now more important than schooling for house hunters!

Recent research carried out on a group of 2,115 people has found that a fast broadband connection has risen up through the ranks of priorities when searching for a home.

A recent survey carried out by broadband choices found that a fast and reliable broadband connection was topping the charts above being close to good schooling and nurseries (57%), close to family and friends (38%) and good local amenities at (35%).

Additionally 62% of people surveyed said that they would offer a higher purchase price on a property if superfast broadband was guaranteed.

If you need help searching for a new home or deciding what location to look in then call our dedicated team of property experts today, with their vast array of local knowledge they will be happy to help look at your choices and to assess what could be best for you and then see what properties could be available to you.

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Top tips for First Time Buyers!

When you make the decision to purchase a home, the whole process can seem pretty daunting – so, we’ve got a few top tips to try and make the process easier!

Get your sums right

Make sure that you get all your costings sorted so you don’t get any surprise bills! Your solicitor and mortgage advisor will go through these with you but, it includes costs like: conveyancing, land registry and/or LBTT.


Make sure you do your research! If you’re looking in a specific area look at what price other properties have sold for, especially ones that are similar to your criteria – the same amount of bedrooms etc.


Be ready to compromise! You might think you know exactly what you want when you start looking but, unfortunately, you might not quite be able to find it for your budget or a particular area you’re looking at so, try and keep an open mind when viewing. Similarly, try and follow your head, not your heart!

Don’t rely on the web

The vast majority of people these days search for properties online but, don’t just stick to that – go and view properties, as many as you want. This helps you narrow down the location you want to live in and the type of property you want. It also helps to establish what you can get for your money.

If you’re a first-time buyer then call your local property experts today to help you with the search for your perfect home!

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Do you dream of owning a million pound house?

Often, this is something that many of us dream about. Apart from owning a beautiful property that is likely to be situated in some gorgeous garden grounds and that you could play a great game of hide and seek in, what are the costs of owning such a home?

Land and Building Transaction Tax (LBTT)

Unfortunately, a home with such a high price incurs a higher percentage of LBTT to be paid, so, make sure you take this into account when looking purchase a new home! In fact, LBTT is incurred on properties over £145,000 although the rate varies.

Additionally, if your million pound home is a second home then you will be charged an additional 3%. Again, the same with any second home purchase in Scotland.

Legal Fees

Legal fees are an unavoidable cost when purchasing a property but, given the size of the transaction it could result in higher fees so, make sure you find a reputable and reliable solicitor. Here at Next Home we have the perfect in-house team; Next Law. Modern thinking, traditional values.

Running Costs

Make sure you do your maths! You can use tools on sites like Rightmove and Zoopla to help calculate the running costs of a property of that size or alternatively when viewing ask the agent or owner to try and get an idea.

Long and short of it is, make sure you do your sums! So, £1m might be a bit out of most people budgets but, here at Next Home we can certainly help you find your dream home whatever your budget so, just call our team of local property experts today.

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What are the best websites to look at when buying a house?

This is often a question us Property Professionals are asked! Here at Next Home we are on all the main property portals in the UK!

There are three main websites to look on: Rightmove, Zoopla & on the Market. You can register yourself on all these websites which will alert you to anything new coming onto the market within your criteria. However, this is just one way of looking for your dream home!

Social Media is a massive influence in today’s market and more agents than not now use this as a way of getting in touch with our buyers! Make sure you ‘like’ and ‘follow’ all estate agents in your local area to find out what they have coming to the market.

Agents also offer a free registration process and making sure you are on their mailing list is prudent! Here a Next Home we have a buyer bank for what we call ‘Hot’ buyers meaning when a property comes to market, we recommend this property to our buyer bank first before opening to the public!

Call our team now to get yourself registered with Perthshire’s Number One Estate Agent.