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Maintaining your holiday let to kick off the season.

Being a holiday let owner comes with great responsibility and one of those is to keep the property up to the highest standard. With people in and out day in day out, it’s a great idea to put a couple days a side just to get it fixed up. Here are some things to look at!..


Decoration- Your holiday home may come with the usual wear and tear meaning suitcase marks on the walls and chipped paint. Giving your property a lick of paint can make the biggest difference.


Utensils/homeware- If you provide your let with kitchen utensils and with the amount they will be used in that year, it may be time for an upgrade.



Rainwater pipes and gutters- At least once a year you should clear the debris and check for leaks when it is raining.

Roof coverings- Check that everything is still sitting as it should especially after a storm as slates, tiles may be missing or have moved.

Garden- Shrubs, hedges and grass may need some TLC but also take into account fences and gates which may need a lick of paint or even repairs.


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Holiday Homes News

Summer Homes on a Tight Budget

In contrast to countries on the African continent, the United Kingdom hasn’t been considered one of the world’s hottest places. However, the UK citizens who aren’t used to high temperatures often struggle with the scorching summer period, especially in July. The hottest places in England with the mercury soaring to 33C are Cambridge, London, and Brighton.

It causes a high demand for purchasing summer homes in the countryside. Although, many UK citizens don’t have enough funds to obtain a summer home out of town and start worrying about it almost the last days of Spring.

Latoria Williams, the Principal CEO of the 1FirstCashAdvance lending entity, along with the American financial expert and author, Michael Lefler, shared some tips on how to get ready for summer by obtaining a great summer home on a tight budget.

Build it on your own

Browse different sources for potential constructors, ask for the appropriate help from your friend, purchase the needed equipment and materials, and try to build a house of your dream by yourself.

This option doesn’t fit everybody, as it requires spending much energy and having an incredible will to complete the construction. Thus, if you’re not sure you’re ready to get to work on such a project, then let others do it instead of you.

Hire a professional team to work on your project

Prepare a well-detailed plan of the desired summer home and contact some professionals to help you implement the construction project. Do not consider using too expensive services or too cheap ones. Opt for the average price, and you’ll get the wanted result.

Also, be ready to explain your preferences in the right and clear way. Read some sources before hiring the team and starting the work. As the main construction leader, you should be informed about all the details during the process.

Apply for the appropriate loan

In case if you don’t have enough funds to afford buying materials or paying professionals for their work, the appropriate cash advance loans can become a perfect option to cover unexpected costs.

Furthermore, it could be the best solution if you’ve started thinking of purchasing or building your summer home at the end of Spring. This way, you’re welcome to apply for a more significant sum, buy a small summer home and, consequently, skip unwanted and unnecessary steps.

Final Words

It’s always better to plan such significant purchases ahead, as it can become costlier for you in contrast to prices you would have gotten some months ago. Always check your current budget, track your expenses, and save up for such unexpected purchases in order to avoid any confusion and hassle.