You’ve just moved into your new home so, now what?

You’ve just moved into your new home so, now what?

Obviously apart from unpacking all the boxes you have stacked around you and wondering how you collected so much stuff!


– Call your utility bills supplier to make them aware that you’re now living in the property: gas & electric. It’s possible that the previous owner may have already done this to make them aware that they no longer live there. This could be a great time to shop around for the best deal with utility suppliers!

– Contact your local authority to let them know that you now live in the property.

– Look through your bank statements and mark down any bills that you pay and contact all of the suppliers to change your address so, banks, insurance companies, phone bills, gyms memberships etc.

– Contact your existing broadband supplier (might be worth doing this before you actually move so the service is booked and ready to go) to see if the service can be transferred to your new home – sometimes this might not be possible if you are relocating as they might not cover that area.


Maybe best to do this before you move but, register your children to a new school if you’re no longer in the catchment area of their current one. Research the different schools in the area to find out which one is best for your children.

Doctors & Dentists

Get registered at the local doctors and shop around to see what local dentist has the best deals or are taking on NHS patients – there is nothing worse than being poorly or having tooth ache and realising that you aren’t registered with them!


Another really important one – apply for a new drivers license with the correct address on it and change the address that your vehicle/s are registered to! That way tax reminders etc are sent to the correct place!