Why is Spring a fantastic time of year to put your house on the market?

Why is Spring a fantastic time of year to put your house on the market?

Spring tops the other seasons for being the best time of the year to put your property on the market. There are a number of reasons why…


  1. People want to be settled before summer ends- With the miserable weather out the way, house hunters appear to be more eager to find the perfect home once the nights start getting lighter. The thought of moving home when the weather is minus conditions doesn’t appeal to everyone therefore as soon as the temperature starts to rise the market is a lot busier.


  1. Tidying up the house before it goes on the market- If you are planning on having a clear out or even to give the garden a tidy up and the fences a lick of paint, the time of year can make a big difference. Weather permitted for being able to get out in the garden to do these jobs. In spring we experience (even in Scotland) dry days which make the perfect days for these jobs.


  1. Property listing looks more appealing- Properties look much better when the day is bright and the flowers are starting to blossom. Marketing your property during spring can make a huge difference to the interest your property can receive just from the photos looking more appealing.


  1. Brings out the buyers- With the longer nights, spring bring out buyers and more people looking for properties therefore the interest in your property will be higher which also leads to more offers.

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