Why buy?

Why buy?

So, why would you want to buy a property? If you rent a property, surely it is a lot less stressful? I mean, anything goes wrong you’re covered as long as its not your fault. Maintenance isn’t your problem right? All you have to do is make sure it’s clean, tidy and you don’t break anything but, imagine having something that is yours – you can paint it whatever colour you like – maybe even get that furry friend you’ve always wanted.


Why should you buy:

  • You can personalise your home – make improvements as you want
  • There is money to be made – buy at the right price combined with wise improvement and there is profit to be made when you sell
  • You can often save money in comparison to renting – mortgage rates are very competitive and often lower than rent
  • Every mortgage payment you make is one step closer to owning the property out right – rather than paying dead money in rent
  • Later in life, in retirement there are schemes that allow you to release equity from your home – therefore not struggling alter down the line or being able to help off spring onto the property ladder!
  • A property can be a wonderful thing to be able to leave to your children


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