When is best to sell your home?

When is best to sell your home?

With each season comes a variety of pros and cons to selling your home!

Here at Next Home we have a team of property experts that can help you decide what is the best time for you!

Spring normally comes out on top in being the best time to sell your home, the days start to get longer and brighter so in turn, can make your home look brighter and enables viewers to be able to view in daylight hours. Often it can also mean that gardens start to bloom which adds to the kerb appeal of your property (see one of our previous posts to find out more about it!)

Summer can be a good time to sell because of the length of the days and if you have a garden, it will be in full bloom and viewers will find it easier to visualise themselves spending time outside although, if you’re trying to sell to families it can be a busy time with the kids being off school and planning family holidays.

Autumn can be great if you’re trying to avoid busier holiday periods as the kids are back at school and there are no big social events to contend with.

Winter According to Rightmove Property Giant between Christmas Day and 2nd January page views increased last year by 228%! Potential purchasers have time to look at properties during the festive period and running into January the market picks up very rapidly!

If you’re looking for some advice on when to sell your home or even just some info on how to look at selling your home then call our team of property experts today on: 01738 44 43 42. We have a dedicated team of valuers that have a great deal of experience and will be able to help you decide what is best for you.