What the different types of heating that are available?

What the different types of heating that are available?

If you’re looking for a property to buy, the different types of heating that might be listed in properties can be a pause for thought issue but, no need to worry. Here at Next Home we thought we’d lend a hand give you the basics of each type!

Gas Central Heating

Gas central heating is otherwise known as a ‘wet system’ which is where a gas powered boiler heats water to provide the household with heating through radiators and hot water from the taps. Gas boilers tend to be very efficient and can help to keep your heating costs down but, installing a gas heating system into your home, initially can be very expensive.

Electric Heating

If your property doesn’t have a gas supply then it is likely that it has electric heating. A lot of people could be deterred by electric heating but, technology has come a long way since it was first installed in the 60’s. From January 2018 new sold electric heaters must have thermostats 24hr and 7 day week programmable timers on them! Some may even have feature like; wifi controls, fans to help distribute heat and they are often a lot more attractive than some older versions were so, don’t rule a property out just because it has electric heating!

LPG Heating

LPG stands for Liquified Petroleum Gas. LPG heating is very similar to conventional gas central heating where water is heated through a boiler to provide heat through radiators and hot water to taps but, the household isn’t connected to a main gas line. The gas is transported by road and stored in a tank.

Oli Fired Heating

Again oil heating is traditionally another ‘wet system’ supplied via a boiler system that heats hot water to pump through radiators and take hot water to taps. Oil is used to power the boiler and is transported via road and stored in a tank. Similar to LPG there is a risk that you could run out of fuel if you don’t keep on top of your ordering.

Here at Next Home we have a range of properties that have various heating systems, just because it may have an unusual heating system doesn’t mean its not a highly desirable property so, don’t let it deter you! To find out more about the different systems and the properties we have available or to gain advice call your local property experts today on: 01738 44 43 42.