What is a Home Report?

What is a Home Report?

Do not panic about this Home Report thing! Here at Next Home we have an experienced team of property experts which can tell you all the information you need and are here to guide you through the process!

We work closely with local surveyors such as J & E Shepherds, who conduct the vast majority of home reports on properties we are bringing to the market.

We do all of the leg work for you but, here’s a little bit of info for you!

A home report comprises of 3 sections:

  • EPC Certificate (Energy performance certificate)
  • Single Survey
  • Property Questionnaire

The EPC certificate tells you how energy efficient the property is, it can also list some tips on how you or the purchaser of your home can improve the energy rating. The average EPC rating is a ‘D’.

The single survey is an in depth survey into the condition of your home. Each section is ranked 1-3 (1 meaning that no repairs are needed, 3 meaning that urgent repairs or replacement is needed now) If any 3’s come up on your Home Report it might be worth while considering having the work carried out before you put your property on the market.

The property questionnaire is a form with a variety of information on it that you as the owner fill in which gives information that only you are likely to know. For example, have you had new windows installed? When? Or if there is a history of rot in the property or if there has been an extension. If you have made any changes that require building consents or planning permission, then you may be asked to provide documents to state you did so.  If you don’t have these documents to hand, you can request copies from your local authority.

Here at Next Home we have a dedicated team of property experts who can help you each step of the way when putting your property on the market! We even instruct your home report for you! To find out more call our award winning team of property experts today on: 01738 44 43 42.