What choices do you have when selling your home?

What choices do you have when selling your home?

In Scotland when you decide to sell your home you must have a Home Report done on your property to put it on the market and you must have a Solicitor to deal with the legal side of the sale.

There are a few different options about how you sell your home:

  • Estate Agent

This is the number one option, where you use an agency to advertise and sell your home. A lot of the time estate agents take the stress out of the selling process by organising your home report and offering fully accompanied viewings! Here at Next Home we certainly do! We also offer in house financial and legal services so, we have everything under one roof to help you every step of the way! We are the Number One Agent in Perthshire so give us a call today if you are thinking of selling!


  • Quick sale companies

There are companies out there that will buy your property from you very quickly but, often at a very low price which is a lot less than market value. Contact your solicitor/local agent to make sure you are aware of all of the pros and cons of following this route!


  • Part Exchange

Some estate agents and developers offer part exchange deals – this can be beneficial especially if you’re looking at a new build property although it can mean that you get a slightly lower price for your property but, it can mean that you get to move quickly. Consult legal advice before entering into a part exchange deal. Next Home work closely with the builder (check out our new build landing pages) and can discuss with the builder any potential assisted sales or part exchange on your behalf – free of charge!


  • Sale and rent back

There are companies out there that will buy your property from you and still let you live in it. These schemes can be risky as you’re likely to get a lower price for your home and you maybe not be able to securely live in it long term meaning you could sell your house to them and they ask you to move out straight away – not an ideal scenario!

Here at Next Home we offer an all under one roof service – together our teams of property, financial and legal experts can guide you through the selling and buying process to make the experience as easy as possible. If you’re thinking about selling your home or if you have questions about any aspect of the process call our expert team today on: 01738 44 43 42