What can you do to increase your saleability?

What can you do to increase your saleability?

Here are some tips which could help to sell your property, things to think about when getting your house ready to sell are:

Too personal – Although obviously your home is your home but when you come to sell it things such as bold statement rooms or over personalisation can sometimes deter a potential purchaser so, it may be worth considering neutralising the decoration of your home.

Presentation – If you are looking to sell your home, try and make sure it is presented in the best possible way, for both the photographs and for viewings. Make sure beds are made, washing up is done and that the place is clean and tidy. The more cared for, clean and tidy a property looks the more likely it is to sell faster! If a property looks uncared for then sometimes it can deter a potential viewer, assuming then that the whole property isn’t well maintained.

Dark rooms – Try and make rooms look as bright and airy as possible, open all blinds and curtains and try and de-clutter as much as possible to try and create the illusion of more space. Put the lights on for viewings as well!

Have you had building/extension work done? If you have made sure that you have the correct paperwork to prove that you gained planning consents and any paperwork attaining to warranties otherwise it may deter a potential purchaser.

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