What are you looking for in your future home?

What are you looking for in your future home?

Looking for that future home can be challenging but with taking the correct factors into consideration you may just find the perfect one!

The Location

  • Do you know the area well?
  • Is it within each reach of local amenities such as shops, post office, bank and doctor’s surgery?
  • Do family and friends live nearby?
  • Are there any groups or activities that you would be interested in participating in?



  • If you don’t have your own method of transport, are you happy with the distance you may have to travel on a daily basis?
  • How frequent are local bus and train services?
  • Is there suitable and safe parking for you and visitors?
  • Is the road accessible even in bad weather?



  • It’s always great to think ahead especially if you are planning on living in the property for a long period of time, could you adapt the time if you were less mobile?
  • Is there a lift if you aren’t living in ground floor accommodation?
  • Are light switches, door handles and windows reachable without bending/stretching?


If you have any requirements for your future home, Next Home are here to help! We can help with your property search, call us now on 01738 44 43 42 or click the link to view our properties- https://www.nexthomeonline.co.uk/