What are the different window types available?

What are the different window types available?

Do all these different window types sound really complicated? Don’t stress! We thought we’d give you a simple guide to the different window types you might encounter on your property search.

Casement Windows

Quite an unusual find in these parts of Scotland although they look traditional and charming. They’re a relatively square window which has two hales and can open outwards or inwards like doors. Most commonly they open outwards but, if it would obstruct a walk way then they can be made to open inwards.

Tilt & Turn Windows

This type of window is likely to be Scotland’s most common window type. These windows are commonly UPVC and can open inwardly like a door but can also open from the bottom and the top tips back (hence the tilt and turn name) These are handy if you have an indoor pet that you worry might try to adventure out the window, allows air to flow into your property without the risk of escapees.

Sash & Case Windows

These are windows that have two halves and can slide together, traditionally each half slides up or down and often they have individual panes within. They tend to resonate from the Victorian era but, modern versions are readily available!

Box & Bay Windows

These windows can add space, light and dimensions to your home, often enabling you to create more space, create a cosy nook or alter the outward appearance of your home – often adding a curved front to the whole front of your home or fitting a curved window with a larger sill.


Here at Next Home we have a range of properties – old and new that have a variety of window types.

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