Ways to protect your home from flooding

Ways to protect your home from flooding

In Scotland the rain fall is quite high and can also be quite a scary thing for homeowners who are prone to flooding. Here are some tips that can take the stress away-

Sign up to the “flood warning system”- This is a fantastic way to keep up to the date with the latest in your area. It is also updated every 15 minutes in peak time. Simply visit their page “flood warning summary” for information on flood forecast, river and sea level.

Best resistant products to protect your home– There are lots of different ways to protect your home and give yourself peace of mind. Sandbags are great to have on hand during the high risk periods but for the long run, its great to invest in one of the following.

Water resistant barriers- This includes wall sealants, damp proof membranes and waterproof skirting boards. This can be a great help to protect your home when the water starts to rise.

Flood resistant doors and windows- This is a fantastic feature to have as it is designed to withstand impact by water and debris and creating a water-resistant seal on your home.

Elevate electricals– If you are at a high-risk area for flooding then the money this will cost may be worth it.  By storing electricals high up such as television, speakers and game consoles but also installing the power points higher than usual can make the biggest difference if the water does find its way in.

Making a flood plan with your family– Making sure everyone in the household knows how to act on a flooding situation is very important just so the damage may be prevented if acted upon fast! It is also a good ideal to have a plan in case your property needs evacuated. If your home does unfortunately get badly damaged from flooding, your insurance can help- make sure you take pictures of the damage that has been done.