To carpet or not to carpet?

To carpet or not to carpet?

Having carpet in a kitchen or bathroom is very much a marmite thing – you either love it or hate!!

Which one are you?

Some people think that having carpet in bathroom especially adds to the luxurious feel of the room.

Are they hygienic?

Over time bacteria can develop in a carpet due to the excess moisture in a room such as mildew/mould. Although these can be combated with a variety of carpet treatments.  Allergens are an important factor to consider when thinking about carpeting your bathroom.

We recommend that any carpet fitted in a bathroom is stain resistant due to this room being highly trafficked but, also that it has water proof backing to protect floorboards and the integrity of the floor beneath. Water damage can be a nasty business!

Maybe you’d like a nice fluffy carpet for your bathroom?

Sometimes a carpet in a bathroom can elevate worries about slips and trips for wee ones when they leap out of the bath!

Here at Next Home we have a dedicated team of property experts that can help you decide whether carpet is right for you and/or your property – and whether it can impact your selling potential.

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