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What could possibly put people off purchasing your home?

Now, we know that most of the time people are very proud of the home they have and that they want every viewer to feel the same way! So, we thought we’d tell you some points that might put people off your property, although unfortunately some of them you can’t do much about! Research conducted by Good Move.

  • Noisy neighbours
  • Signs of damp
  • A shared garden
  • Signs of cracks in the walls
  • 3’s on a Home Report
  • Front door opening onto a main road
  • No garden
  • No parking
  • Unattractive smells
  • High street or situated on a busy road

Obviously, you can’t do anything about some of these things such as location but, things like damp, cracks in walls or any 3’s on the HR you should really consider carrying out repair works to get these issues corrected.

If you’re thinking about selling your home then contact your local property experts here at Next Home today! Our dedicated team work tirelessly to sell your home and achieve the best results for you no matter where or what property you’re selling – we’re Perthshire’s favourite agent for a reason!

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Top tips for First Time Buyers!

When you make the decision to purchase a home, the whole process can seem pretty daunting – so, we’ve got a few top tips to try and make the process easier!

Get your sums right

Make sure that you get all your costings sorted so you don’t get any surprise bills! Your solicitor and mortgage advisor will go through these with you but, it includes costs like: conveyancing, land registry and/or LBTT.


Make sure you do your research! If you’re looking in a specific area look at what price other properties have sold for, especially ones that are similar to your criteria – the same amount of bedrooms etc.


Be ready to compromise! You might think you know exactly what you want when you start looking but, unfortunately, you might not quite be able to find it for your budget or a particular area you’re looking at so, try and keep an open mind when viewing. Similarly, try and follow your head, not your heart!

Don’t rely on the web

The vast majority of people these days search for properties online but, don’t just stick to that – go and view properties, as many as you want. This helps you narrow down the location you want to live in and the type of property you want. It also helps to establish what you can get for your money.

If you’re a first-time buyer then call your local property experts today to help you with the search for your perfect home!