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How to choose an Estate Agent

Your first choice is whether you chose a traditional agent or an online agent.

A traditional agent will have an office that you can visit and will often offer a much better service than an online agent and they will normally take care of the sale each step of the way in return for a fee when the sale goes through – otherwise known as a commission fee. Online agencies normally charge an up-front fee and they don’t have offices you can visit so, often you have to deal with a lot of the selling process yourself – using a traditional agent takes that stress away.

Here at Next Home we are Perthshire’s favourite traditional estate agent but, we thought we’d give you a few tips on how to pick the best agent for you!

  • Start by making a shortlist of local agents
  • Narrow down your choices; look at reviews, ask family and friends who they have used and who they would recommend
  • Find out if they’re the right agent for you – go and visit them. See how they make you feel and how approachable they are. Always important when trying to get people through the door to view your property.
  • Get several valuations. The actual valuation is likely to be similar, if not the same but, again it and will help you to assess the agency; how punctual are they, are they polite, professional and knowledgeable?
  • Tell the agent what you need. If you need a quick sale then let them know. A good agent will be able to tailor their service to suit your needs. Be honest about your circumstances.
  • Ask lots of questions. Ask the agent about their marketing techniques, what websites they have access to, if they have a ‘hot’ buyer bank in place to get people through the door to view straight away. A ‘hot’ buyer is someone that is ready purchase and is just waiting for a suitable property to become available, a good agency will pro-actively work your property and introduce it to potential buyers.
  • Get the agent to explain what each fee is for and clarify when they’re due to be paid – understand what you’re paying for.
  • Choose your agent. It’s true when they say people buy people. You’ll get an instinct for who you want to choose but assess which pricing structure and service is best for you.

Once you’ve made your decision call your agent and let them know the good news and then they’ll explain the next steps of putting your property on the market. If you’re thinking about selling your home then call our dedicated team of local property experts to get the ball rolling!

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Maintaining your holiday let to kick off the season.

Being a holiday let owner comes with great responsibility and one of those is to keep the property up to the highest standard. With people in and out day in day out, it’s a great idea to put a couple days a side just to get it fixed up. Here are some things to look at!..


Decoration- Your holiday home may come with the usual wear and tear meaning suitcase marks on the walls and chipped paint. Giving your property a lick of paint can make the biggest difference.


Utensils/homeware- If you provide your let with kitchen utensils and with the amount they will be used in that year, it may be time for an upgrade.



Rainwater pipes and gutters- At least once a year you should clear the debris and check for leaks when it is raining.

Roof coverings- Check that everything is still sitting as it should especially after a storm as slates, tiles may be missing or have moved.

Garden- Shrubs, hedges and grass may need some TLC but also take into account fences and gates which may need a lick of paint or even repairs.


If you are looking for a holiday let, Next  Home have a range of holiday lodges. Click here to view-[pagination]=on&wpp_search[per_page]=10&wpp_search[property_type][0]=property&wpp_search[sort_by]=prop_price&wpp_search[search_address]=&wpp_search[prop_price][min]=0&wpp_search[prop_price][max]=999999999&wpp_search[prop_bedrooms][min]=0&wpp_search[prop_bedrooms][max]=100&wpp_search[prop_prop_type_value]=-1&wpp_search[prop_prop_type]=Lodge&wpp_search[properties_sales_status]=1,2,3,4,5,7

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Top tips for tenants vacating a property

Be organised, don’t stress yourself over being unorganised. Although we are all guilty of this, here are some tips to make the process smooth sailing.

Cleaning– This may be the last thing you think about but it may be the most important. When you leave the property you should leave it in the condition it was when you entered. It’s always good to deep clean the property including ovens and lightshades. Please note- always check your tenancy agreement as there may be terms and conditions to follow for example, some agents require the carpets to be professionally cleaned before leaving the property.

Be organised with packing– We are all guilty of leaving packing till last minute- give yourself plenty of time to do this, that way you can organise your items easy when unpacking. If you haven’t already, make sure you have organised a removal van.

Garden– The garden needs to be left in good condition, same as the internal of the property. Good idea to give the grass a cut, trim any hedges and remove any weeds.

Cancel your standing order for your rent– To not leave yourself out of pocket, make sure you cancel your standing order down. Yes it may be easy to get this back from the owner or agents but best to avoid if possible.

Mail– You cant be sure the new tenant will forward your mail onto your new address so make sure you redirect your mail so that it gets to you.

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What are the best websites to look at when buying a house?

This is often a question us Property Professionals are asked! Here at Next Home we are on all the main property portals in the UK!

There are three main websites to look on: Rightmove, Zoopla & on the Market. You can register yourself on all these websites which will alert you to anything new coming onto the market within your criteria. However, this is just one way of looking for your dream home!

Social Media is a massive influence in today’s market and more agents than not now use this as a way of getting in touch with our buyers! Make sure you ‘like’ and ‘follow’ all estate agents in your local area to find out what they have coming to the market.

Agents also offer a free registration process and making sure you are on their mailing list is prudent! Here a Next Home we have a buyer bank for what we call ‘Hot’ buyers meaning when a property comes to market, we recommend this property to our buyer bank first before opening to the public!

Call our team now to get yourself registered with Perthshire’s Number One Estate Agent.