Short on storage space?

Short on storage space?

Are you living in a small apartment or just maybe have loads of stuff? Maybe your family is outgrowing your home and you want to make better use of the space you have?

Here are a few hints and tips on how make the best use of your space:

Think vertically!

Think about narrow, tall standing storage – maybe add a slim tower cupboard by the side of your cupboard? These are great for tins, jars and all manner of bits and bobs you have hanging around the house.

Use wall space

An easy thing to do is to add hooks, racks and even small shelves to walls for storage – a bit of DIY never hurt anyone right? That way you take up less surface space and could mean the house looks less cluttered. Although find out the do’s and don’ts if you live in rented accommodation!

Pick furniture wisely!

Can’t live without this big stuff and it often defines how a room operates and feels so, maybe try and invest in pieces that are multi use like, a sofa bed.

Under bed storage

Maybe an obvious one this but, always very effective. Even if its just empty space under your bed you can get shallow storage boxes that slide right under there making use of that unused space!

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