Perthshire Sellers Choose ‘Great Value’ Over Cheap or Fixed Cost

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Perthshire Sellers Choose ‘Great Value’ Over Cheap or Fixed Cost

Report from Sales Director John Greener

What has made the difference in your view as Sales Director, and how will 2017 shape up in comparison to 2016?

When choosing your estate agent, we know there will always be varying choices. Never more so now than in this challenging market. What we mean by ‘challenging’ is to deliver the very best prices. There are Agencies offering cheap fee options, and there are also Agencies offering expensive fee options. The truth is, the cost is not what differs the two or will ever be the measure of a good Estate Agency. The thing which separates them is which Agent gives you the best opportunity to achieve the highest price for your property and in the shortest timescale while delivering excellent service.

Why would this make a difference in today’s market?

I believe it doesn’t matter where you are selling or what price range your property lies in, this is all about value for money. You would always want a Company to represent you, work hard and try their very best when it comes to negotiation. Choose a Company with the largest possible exposure, generate more interest, drive better prices. As an example below I have tried to explain practically how choosing the wrong agent could cost you £££’s in 2017.

Option A – Do you want the services of a cheap Agency with a standard of service and marketing effort to match?


Option B – Next Home – Do you want an Agent who looks to gain the best opportunities to maximise your best possible selling Price in the quickest possible time?

Let’s examine the options closely…

Option A

Cutting costs may be the most expensive move you’ll make!

If you choose to sell through an Agent at 0.5% and they then are dropping your price by £10,000 it only costs them £50 in commission, are they really bothered what price they achieve for you? Think of the cost to yourself as a seller! Just add that £10,000 loss onto you bill and see how that compares. This suddenly becomes a very expensive option! – Avoid at any cost!

Or if you have chosen a cheap fixed cost Agent and paid upfront anything from £700 to £1300 it may feel like a bargain, but you have to ask yourself, do they really care if it sells? They won’t achieve any more money, so why bother! Would they really need to negotiate hard on your behalf, as you have already paid them? Are they more interested in getting your monies upfront? – Beware!

Option B – Next Home

These Agents will be highly motivated to gain the best possible price for your property and work within your timescale. They haven’t earned their commission yet and so need to work harder. The more money they achieve for your property heavily effects their commission and subsequent income. You pay, when you get the result you want!

The number of properties where we are achieving the asking price or above is staggering. The number of properties Option A are needing to drop price on, or not even bothering to negotiate on is equally as staggering. We are seeing this day in day out. We see lots of the Option A clients moving across to our services. Their thoughts are, they got what they paid for, and regret trying to cut corners as it had been a ‘waste of time’ from companies over promising and massively under delivering.

Summary of Findings

So now after all of that said, do you still feel that the experience or delivery will be the same when paying that cheap upfront agent their £700 or discounted agent their 0.5%! Would you really risk your largest and most valuable asset? Are you really going to get the ‘very best price?’

Service and delivery are simply not the same!

Our ethos will always be to strive for the very best prices and work closely with our clients on their timescales. We will offer the client the very best proposition to be found anywhere in our market and deliver this with the very best people. This has delivered more sales than any other agent over 2016 and we are very proud of this. Coupled with record numbers of closing dates and delivering better prices we couldn’t be any prouder.

Thanks again to our hard working team and keeping us Perthshire’s favourite choice.

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