Next Home Achieve Extraordinary Number of Agreed Offers During November


Next Home Achieve Extraordinary Number of Agreed Offers During November

Next Home’s experienced Sales Team widens the gap in the number of sales for November, with their honest approach in working harder for you!

Well done again to the Perthshire team in their extraordinary number of agreed offers during November.

John Greener comments:

‘Over the last few months Next Home have invested heavily in marketing and advertising to reach as many buyers as possible over the traditionally slower months of the year through to Christmas. We have managed to increase footfall by 30% on last year and managed to double the number of sales.

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We also have to congratulate our growing Sales team. They have done an absolutely fabulous job, and you will see from the Rightmove report, they have eclipsed the competition. All of this isn’t by chance, our team are working for our clients 7 days a week until 9pm. Some of our competitors may claim they are available until 8pm but this is simply a play on words and in no way a comparable service. Especially when their staff after 5pm work from Edinburgh!

I would challenge anyone to walk down George Street Perth at 6.30pm every evening and see which estate agents or solicitors are open for business. I do this every day, and it’s no surprise what you will find, Next Home are the only ones open every day putting our customers first.

Even call up to 9pm every evening, you will get to speak to a Perthshire Estate Agent who knows the area and can help you with your enquiry. Phone the other ‘similar services’ and get to speak to someone in Edinburgh or Glasgow who has never even been to Perthshire!’

Next Home will continue to be honest with their sellers and deliver an unrivalled service which they can all be proud of 7 days a week until 9pm.

Well done Next Home for genuinely working 7 days a week until 9pm and selling more homes!

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