How long does it take to fall in love?

Such a weighted question! Well, not to worry we aren’t talking about running down the aisle just yet, we are talking about how long it takes to fall in love with a property. It has been said many a time over the years that a potential purchaser will know within 30 seconds of walking in Read More

Could you rent out your home?

If you are considering the possibility then here are some hints and tips to help you along the way! Do your research Make sure you do your research in the local area – what sort of properties are in demand? Is it located near a university, college or maybe a large hotel where staff are Read More

Is it cheaper to buy or to rent?

Can’t afford to buy a house? Then it must be cheaper to rent? Not the case anymore! The latest figures from Money Advice Service found that the average mortgage payment is less than the average rent payment. Over the last 5 years both rent and mortgage payments have been on the increase but, rent has Read More

Different ways of owning your home!

Maybe you have some savings but, not enough to purchase your home outright. Obviously there are mortgages available but, there are other schemes that are available to help you get your foot on the property ladder that work alongside the lenders. Shared Ownership or Shared Equity. Maybe you have some savings but not enough to Read More

How to prepare for moving house!

Try to think one step ahead so, maybe 5-6 weeks before you’re moving date! Book time off work! Don’t let the stress of moving and work get on top of you! Make sure you allow plenty of time off work to move properly and get things looking ship shape before you head back to work. Read More