Looking to view?

Looking to view?

Are you looking for a property? Are you new to the game and not sure how to go about this whole going to view property thing? Not sure what to expect?


Viewings can either be conducted by an Estate agent or the property owner themselves (Vendor) or sometimes both can be there! Don’t worry! We’ve got a few words of advice for you.


Vendor viewings:


  • Don’t forget that this is the vendors home so if you want to look in cupboards and wardrobes then remember to ask first!
  • Also maybe ask if they would like you to take your shoes off before walking around. The vendor may well appreciate these small things – could help later down the line if you need to negotiate about the price!
  • Sometimes being shown around by a vendor can be great as they may know some quirky things about the property– it is their home so they know it best!!


Agent viewings:


  • It can be easier to give direct feedback to an agent as you aren’t going to cause offence and they can feed back your opinions in a professional manner
  • If there is more than one property that you’re interested in with the agent then its means you may be able to view more than one in a day
  • Have property to sell? Our property experts can help you with this and even give you general advice out with our area whilst you view!
  • Needing mortgage advice? Our team of experts can advise you of what is best for you and even book you in at the viewing with one of our Mortgage specialists.
  • Sometimes you can feel more comfortable with an agent as they can show you round without feeling like you are prying into someone else’s home.
  • Our Award-winning team are here to help – any questions or queries you may have don’t be scared to ask our team who have an extensive range of knowledge!


Here at Next Home we offer both vendor and agent accompanied viewings (at no extra cost unlike other agents) and we have a team of property experts that are here to help!


Do you want to view one of our properties? Give our team of property experts a call on 01738 44 43 42 and when we show you around your Next Home make sure you have all your questions ready!