How to prepare your home for viewings!

How to prepare your home for viewings!

When it comes to selling your property and the preparation that comes with getting ready for viewings, it can be very hard to keep on top of having your home looking its very best! Here are some top tips that can help!!


LET THE LIGHT IN– This is a very important factor as people like to see bright rooms! Open the curtains & blinds so the viewer can really see the room to its full potential.


DE-CLUTTER– You may want to de clutter your home as too many items in one room can make it look smaller. You don’t have to remove every ornament and picture but keep it as simple as possible just so the buyer can imagine what they would do with the space. It’s always a great idea to remove items such as toiletries from the bathroom- they do not need to be seen!!


TEMPERATURE CONTROL– Although you are probably thinking “ how is this relevant” it really is! The viewer doesn’t want to be coming in and feeling more cold than it is outside and you also don’t want them thinking the heating isn’t great. It’s always a good idea to show them how the heating controls work!


TIDYING UP THE GARDEN GROUNDS– Check out our blog “ Get your garden ready for summer” this could help you with the preparation for viewings as a well kept garden is a fantastic selling point.


FURRY FRIENDS– As much as they are a much loved companion in your household, viewers may not take the same liking! It’s always best to ask the neighbours/a friend if they can watch the family pet for a couple of hours just so you don’t put off or scare any potential buyers.


REMINDER- Everything is on show, the cupboards and garage that are pilled with clutter- make sure to include them when decluttering as the viewer may want to check out these areas.


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