How to prepare for moving house!

How to prepare for moving house!

Try to think one step ahead so, maybe 5-6 weeks before you’re moving date!

Book time off work!

Don’t let the stress of moving and work get on top of you! Make sure you allow plenty of time off work to move properly and get things looking ship shape before you head back to work.

Professional movers or DIY?

Consider the amount of items and the size of the items you have and how far you have to move them. Can you hire a van or is it better to hire a company to get everything out for you? If you have a large amount of furniture or you live up some twisty stairs maybe its best to hire the pros!

Clear out!

Over time we collect a huge amount of stuff! So, a lot of the time is required getting rid of the attic items you’ll never use again. Get rid of old clothes, kids toys, anything that you’ve been hanging onto ‘just in case’. Now is the time to get rid!


If necessary order packing boxes, although some professional moving companies may provide you with these but, local shops may have cardboard boxes available for you. Start to pack away items that you don’t use regularly so there is less to do last minute! Label boxes! Try and label boxes so that you aren’t aimlessly looking in each box! Also means that removals can put each box in the correct room when they arrive!


Try and decide what furniture is going in what space so which room is going to be the lounge, dining room etc that way furniture and boxes can be put in the correct rooms on moving day! Look at the floorplans of your new home and work out what works best for you!

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