How on earth do you pick what you want in a property?

How on earth do you pick what you want in a property?

Are you looking to buy a property? Maybe it’s a first time buy or you just fancy a change but you aren’t really sure what you want?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Location
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Parking
  • Local amenities
  • Transport links

Each one of us is different and I’m sure that when you’ve told people you want to buy a property, they’ll each tell you the important things to consider – all of them different I bet!

Location is key because it’s one of the only things you can’t change about a property once you buy it. You should consider how far away from family and friends you want to be. How far from work. What the transport links are like. What the main roads are like – if buying in the summer consider how they will be in the winter for instance if we get a heavy downfall of snow! Will you be able to get about? In combination with this think about how easy it will be for you to travel here and there, if you have an issue with the car, is there a bus? How far away from the motorway networks are you? Where’s the nearest train station?

Also think about what facilities and amenities are close by – shops, gyms, leisure facilities, local schools if you have a growing family.

Number of bedrooms is an important point to consider. One bedroom might be enough for you but, what if you have friends or family come to stay or do you have/want children, is there space for them or will you move again?

Parking is very important to many people when viewing a property, is there off-road parking? Maybe a garage or driveway? Or does the property have an allocated parking space, if it does is there visitor parking as well or what if you have more than one vehicle. If the property doesn’t have parking, don’t necessarily let it deter you, does it have a front garden that you could convert into a driveway – this is something to consider, this could also increase the resale value if you were to purchase the property.

Here at Next Home we have a dedicated team of Property Experts that have plenty of local knowledge of the surrounding areas to help you consider where you would like to live and we can help narrow down your property search to suit your needs! Give us a call today on: 01738 44 43 42!