House V Flat

House V Flat

Are you thinking about buying a property? Maybe you’re a first-time buyer and not sure whether to buy an actual house or an apartment or maybe you already have a flat but, are considering selling up and buying a house?  

Here are some pros and cons of each!  


  • More often than not they’re cheaper than buying than a house  
  • Factoring fees – these can be both a pro or a con. With a house you wont have to pay them but, often with a flat it means that the maintenance of communal area such as stairwells and drying areas are taken care of for you and sometimes it include buildings insurance.  
  • Security – often flats tend to have secure entry systems and some with CCTV 
  • Sometimes apartments can be smaller, possibly have smaller rooms, especially if it is a converted property and not specifically built for purpose 
  • Neighbours – most of the time there will be shared communal areas and rights so you have to try your hardest to get on with the neighbours!  


  • Houses tend to have larger rooms  
  • Often more private than apartments  
  • More likely to have private outside space 
  • No mandatory factoring costs  
  • Likely to have more space away from noisy or annoying neighbours  
  • Easier to have a pet – especially if there is an enclosed garden 

Here at Next Home we have a huge variety of properties available, all sorts of sizes, all sorts of prices and with some wonderful qualities! To see if we have your dream home call us today on: 01738 44 43 42!