Have you thought about undertaking a loft conversion?

Have you thought about undertaking a loft conversion?

Maybe you haven’t got space to build outwards but, maybe you could go upwards?

By converting the attic space you could create another bedroom or office or even a child’s play room! A great place to hide all their clutter!

A nationwide study carried out by OnTheMarket.com found that by converting the loft space into a double bedroom with en-suite you can add up to 21% onto the property’s value!

Bare in mind though that this is not a decision to take lightly! It can be an expensive process to go through – estimated between £35,000 and £45,000.

If you are considering the work here are a few tips to consider:

  • Is it the best option? Is there another alternative such as a ground floor extension that could increase the size of your home and not reduce your storage space.
  • Check if you need planning consents! – This is essential!
  • Consider windows. Think about if you want just regular Velux windows or a dormer window. The latter is more expensive but, can increase value and amount of space.
  • Consider the space you may lose. Do you hide all your clutter, old toys and the stuff you don’t quite want to part with in the loft? You will lose that! You may also lose space from the landing by putting in stairs.
  • Use a reputable builder! Check out their reviews.
  • Budget for unexpected costs and overspending!
  • Make sure it abides to safety and building regulations! This is very important because you may use the room as another bedroom but, unless it meets regulations then you can’t sell it and say it has another bedroom which will affect the value!

If you’re looking for a bit of advice on how much value a loft conversion could add to your property then give our property experts call today on: 01738 44 43 42. We are happy to answer your questions!