First time buyer tips

First time buyer tips

Are you thinking about buying your first property but, you haven’t got a clue where to start?

Fear not, here are some starting tips to help you get an idea about what you might want and what is possible for you!

  • Know what you can afford – Essential! Go and visit a mortgage advisor to find out what you can afford in other words what sort of price bracket you are looking for! Typically you will need a 5% deposit to buy a property however there are schemes which can help with little or no deposit!


  • Mortgage in principle – Once you have been to see a mortgage advisor and you have been offered a loan from them get a document that states that you have a mortgage in principle, this document is free and shows estate agents and sellers that you are a serious contender!


  • Government Schemes – If your sums don’t quite add up or you’re struggling to get a deposit together, then you should look into government schemes such as the LIFT Scheme or Help to Buy. These schemes are amazing at helping first time buyers get on the property ladder!

Here at Next Home we have a dedicated team of mortgage brokers that can help you through the sums of buying a property and we work closely with lenders that work in combination with government schemes!

  • Location, location, location – think very carefully about where you want to live! It is the only thing you can’t change about the property you buy! Think about if you want to live close to family and friends, close to work or what the transport links are like.


  • Speak to Estate Agents – Get on Estate Agents mailing lists, tell them your criteria, what you want. Here at Next Home we love to sell and if we have a property coming on the market that fits what you want we can want to show it to you ASAP! This could mean that you’ll be one of the first people through the door, meaning you’ll see it before anyone else and get the chance to offer before anyone else!


If you know what you’re looking for or even if you aren’t quite sure, here at next home we have a huge bank of properties that we can go through to see if we have the perfect one for you or we can help to narrow down what you do and don’t want – its all trial and error and we are here to help!

Call our team of property experts today on: 01738 44 43 42 to gain the advantage over internet searchers!