Fancy a holiday home?

Fancy a holiday home?

Some say yes, some say no – here are some things to think about when looking at buying a holiday home……

Location is key. Much the same as when purchasing your main home – consider how far away you want it to be or how far you have to travel. Is it easily accessible? What are the local amenities like?

Research the area, stay there yourself and get a feel for the place – that way you’ll know if you would want to stay there but, it could also help to have good local knowledge if you want to let it out.

How much are you actually going to use it? If you are only going to use it a couple of times a year it may be worth considering if it would make a good Air BnB or similar, to try and make a return – also saves it standing empty.

If you decide to let it out as a holiday home whilst you aren’t using it, consider finding a local reputable cleaning firm that can do the occupant changeovers, especially if you live quite a distance away. Also try and consider how saturated the holiday home market already is in the area, look at how much competition you will face if you want to let it as a holiday home. Or try and give your property an advantage over the rest e.g. sea views, parking, luxury finish/service.

Here at Next Home we have a variety of holiday lodges and smaller properties that could suit your needs of a holiday home – after all we are based in Perthshire, the beautiful heart of Scotland and we have a team of property experts that can help to find a property for you just call us today on: 01738 44 43 42.