Different Roofing Types

Different Roofing Types

If you’re looking for a property to purchase, you’ll have come across the home reports for them and sometimes the details in them can be baffling! Here at Next Home we thought we’d try and lend a hand understanding the different types of roof that you might encounter.


This tends to be the most common roof type. It’s where two sloped sides meet at a central ridge to form a triangle end. This type is often the most cost effective and often leaves space in the attic for an additional room or storage.


This one comes a close second to the Gable. Similar to the Gable this is where all four sides of the roof slope inwards towards a central ridge. So, four triangles meet to form the roof. Again, this one forms space beneath which could be converted into an additional room or storage.


This one is what it says on the tin, flat across the top of a building rather than pitched. The simplest and quickest form of roofing and its great for covering large areas. For this reason, it is very popular with business and industrial premises. Although, its popularity is rising due to its modern and minimalist look.

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