Confused by different property types?

Confused by different property types?

Next Home are here to help! Here’s a low down on each property type!

Detached Villa/House

A property that stand alone and isn’t attached to any other property.

Semi Detached Villa/House

This is where two houses are attached, often a mirror image of each other inside and out.

Terraced Villa/House

Terraced houses are a line of houses that are structurally the same and each side of the house is attached to another.

End Terraced Villa/House

This is where the house is at the end of a line of terraced houses so, it only shares one side with another property.


This is living space that is often spread over one floor that is part of a building, for instance a building may be split into 3, a flat on each floor.


A maisonette is similar to a flat/apartment but, is often over two floor of a building and it often has its own entrance.


Often found in rural areas. Built with thicker walls traditionally to withstand cold. Often the upper floor has lower ceilings than the lower.


This is where the accommodation is spread over one floor.

Here at Next Home we have a wide range different property types available! We could have the perfect one for you! To find out more about different property types just give your local property experts a call today on: 01738 44 43 42.