Can your furry friend kibosh your selling potential?

Can your furry friend kibosh your selling potential?

Although often the lights of our lives, pets can sometimes have a negative affect when trying to sell your home.

Here are some tips to try and maximize your sale-

  • Try and relocate your pet whilst viewings take place – heart-breaking I know, it’s their home too right? But unless your cat or dog is exceptionally well behaved it could deter potential purchasers. If you have an exotic pet, please consider the potential of it scaring a viewer.


  • Remove pet paraphernalia whilst viewings take place – food dishes, beds, toys, litter boxes etc.


  • Clean! Clean! Clean! Sometimes there can be lingering odours from our furry friends that sometimes we just don’t notice because we live with them but, a viewer may well notice. It may be worth having carpets and floors professionally cleaned to try and remove in-depth odours.


  • Damage repair. Try and repair any damage that your pet may have caused such as scratches to the walls, chewed carpet – a viewer may be put off by the amount of repairs they will have to carry out.


  • Tidy garden. This is key especially if you have a dog that spend a lot of time outside, maybe try and get some grass seed down to reduce patchiness.


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