Can Furniture Placement Affect the Sale of Your Listing?

Can Furniture Placement Affect the Sale of Your Listing?

Is your house on the market? Are you receiving feedback about lack of space in rooms or that it was an awkward layout to work with?

The answer may be just incorrect furniture placement..

When putting your home on the market it is best to make sure you are using each room to the best of its ability, just so people can see the full potential of all the space available.

The factors that can help with the correct layout of the room are making sure the area isn’t too cluttered as this can make the room feel small, this can be affected by furniture that is too big for the room.

Positioning is very important, it can take from moving the sofa from the middle of the room (free standing) to against the wall to even make the room feel more spacious. You may have an open plan lounge/diner which people still like the feeling that they are separate in a way, you can achieve this by using a sideboard to divide the space.

Furniture can make a big difference to selling your property, why not get creative and try different placements that you think would benefit your home- You may be surprised!

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