Home Report

Properties placed on the market for sale in Scotland from 1st December 2008 will require a Home Report, containing three key documents providing prospective buyers with details on the condition of the house. This will allow buyers to make better informed decisions on whether to make an offer on the property.


The Property Questionnaire will be completed by the seller of the home, probably with the assistance of their selling agent. It contains information that will be useful to the buyer, their solicitor and the surveyor completing the other elements of the Home Report.

Single Survey

The Single Survey will be completed by a surveyor and gives information on the condition and value of the property. It will also include an accessibility audit which will be of particular benefit to families with young children, older people and those with disabilities.

Energy Report

Providing a home’s energy efficiency rating and its environmental impact, the Energy Report is key to reducing global climate change. Completed by a surveyor, the Energy Report will provide recommendations for improving a property’s energy efficiency. It will contain two graphs representing the current rating and demonstrating the possible score the property could gain if improvements were made. These graphs look similar to those found on white goods such as washing machines.

Key Facts

If the property is marketed before 1st December 2008, a Home Report will not be required.
- A buyer should be provided with a copy of the Home Report within nine calendar days of requesting it.
- The seller will be expected to meet the cost of the Home Report.

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