Buying a listed building?

Buying a listed building?

What do you if you’ve fallen in love with a property but, then you find out its listed.

First of all, don’t panic! It shouldn’t be a deterrent! Here at Next Home we thought we’d give you a little advice for buying a listed property.

What does ‘listed’ mean?

It is a building that has been judged as national interest whether it an in terms of architecture or history.

There are 3 categories of listed buildings; Grade A, B & C. Most listed buildings are Grade C. Grade A & B are the higher grades and pertain to only the top 7% of listed buildings.

How does it impact a property?

The aim is to preserve as much of the property’s original features/status as possible so, if you want to make any changes then it is highly likely that you’ll have to apply for permission. Changing a bathroom or kitchen suite is probably okay but, anything else will have to be applied for. The preservation applies to both the inside and outside of the property and likely any buildings that pertain to the property.


To find out more information about purchasing a listed building or if you are looking to purchase a listed building then call your local property experts a call today! 01738 44 43 42.