Are you concerned about damp in your home?

Are you concerned about damp in your home?

Perhaps something as a homeowner, you try not to think about but, it is something you need to keep an eye on because if left to its own devices it can have costly consequences.

Here are some things to look out for and tips to try and avoid having damp in your home:

Maintain your walls properly.

Damp can sneak in from anywhere, not just roofs and chimneys so make sure the walls of your home are properly maintained so, make sure that the pointing of the walls is still to a good standard and that all bricks work and masonary is up to scratch!


Make sure that all your guttering is clear from blockages – this could be a build up of leaves or moss! It can cause water to back up into the brick work and around the edges of your roof! Not something you want!

Internal causes.

Maybe you are doing things that are creating excess moisture in your home? If you boil the kettle where does the moisture go? Try drying your clothes outdoors as much as possible, maybe having your clothes airer in the spare room all the time isnt helping the build up of moisture? For smaller things such as the kettle maybe purchase a couple of the small cannister dehumidifiers to pop in the kitchen or maybe one in the bathroom for when you have a shower – every little helps and they are cheap and readily available in most supermarkets.

Temperature control.

Condensation build up is worst in the cold so it can be worth keeping your home slightly warm even when no one is there – it can reduce maintenance costs in the long run.