Are home improvements worth it?

Are home improvements worth it?

We think so yes!!

Improvements made to your home don’t necessarily have to be huge projects that can alter the value of your home – sometimes just small things to spruce the place up can help to make your property more desirable – therefore likely to sell faster and for the best price!

A modern kitchen or bathroom is always a good selling point and often something potential buyers look for but, small things can make a big difference!


Neutral décor is always a hit as it can create a blank canvas for any potential buyer but, smaller things like touching up peeling paint or a quick coat of paint to cover dirty walls like around door frames and light switches can make the property look well cared for! Try and fix any dripping taps. Have a quick clean to try and remove any mould around bathroom kitchen sealants – gives the impression of a clean house.

New Doors:

Okay so this one is maybe a little pricey but, even giving your front door a lick of paint or a new number, or name plate can improve the look of the property (See one of our previous blogs about Kerb appeal for more info).


Make sure that all lightbulbs are working and bright enough – this helps to give the impression of a light and airy space! Always a positive! Good lighting also helps our photographers take clearer and brighter photos!


Like we said before, cleaning /replacing any moulding grout is essential but, also consider replacing the old shower curtain or even putting in a new glazed screen.

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