Are floorplans key to selling your home?

Recent Rightmove research found that 1 in 5 people would totally ignore a property listing if it didn’t include a floorplan.

Digital floorplans give any potential viewer/purchaser the chance to visualise your home before they step through the door. They also enable them to immediately see if there are the right number of bedrooms for them or how the property flows.

Floorplans are perfect for helping to display unique selling points that your property may have such as, knocked through walls or extensions – points that may put your property ahead of the competition.

Here at Next Home we offer our clients as standard a 3D floorplan, which is key to making your property unique in the market place and getting ahead of the competition! According to Rightmove, 80% of sellers believe a floorplan is important. Make selling your home easier with our digital floorplans.

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