All loved up? Are you thinking about buying a property with your partner?

All loved up? Are you thinking about buying a property with your partner?

With love all around today, here at Next Home we thought we’d give you some tips on how to house hunt with the one you love! Hopefully, with these tips it’ll help to avoid any tiffs and take some of the stress out of the search for your ‘forever’ home!

Decide on what you’re looking for.

This is crucial! Take the time to sit down with your partner and talk about what you both want from a home – new build or older property? How many bedrooms? Garden? Animal friendly? Think carefully about the location because where a property is, is the one thing you really can’t change!

Compromise & be open minded.

This can be difficult we know. Especially if you have very different ideas about what you want but, listen to each other and explore the options. Maybe if you can’t decide on location visit properties in each of your preferred areas but, then some that are somewhere in the middle – you may surprise yourselves!

Try to think with your head and not just your heart.

Looking to buy a house with your partner can make emotions run high, it’s a huge decision to make especially if marriage and children are being considered as well but, try and think logically, rationally and with your head. If you know you would like children or if you don’t then consider how many bedrooms you may need. One each for the kids? A spare one for guests to stay? What about the in-laws? Is there good schooling in the area? Don’t stress about not being able to find the ‘perfect’ house straight away – cosmetic changes can easily be made and the housing market is growing stronger, new properties are coming to market all the time!


Probably the most important one! Try not to over stretch yourselves financially – money worries can put a huge strain on a relationship! Stick to what you can afford! Even if a property you love hasn’t got the perfect kitchen or needs some new carpets, these changes can be made over time and it could be wonderful to think that you’ve made a house your own – together!

Here at Next Home we have a huge range of properties available – we could have the perfect home for you! As well as this we have a dedicated mortgage team that can help you go through your options together, maybe you each have a mortgage of your own currently and aren’t sure how to go about changing it all? Don’t fret! We are here to help!

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