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Offers received
Receiving an offer
Step-by-step guide to
For an offer to be legitimate the following is necessary:
Agreeing an offer
Step-by-step guide to
It takes skill and expertise to negotiate a sale successfully through to completion
and still achieve the best possible price. An estate agent with experience in this
area will make all the difference.
Once you accept an offer your estate agent will do the following:
• The offer must be communicated by the estate agent in writing even if already
discussed verbally
• Any special conditions of the offer must also be stated in writing
• Your estate agent should check the buyer’s ability to proceed and confirm their position
before you decide whether or not to accept the offer.
• Prepare a memorandum of sale.
• Write to all parties to confirm the agreed price.
• Ask you to confirm your solicitor’s details
At this stage the following details can be agreed:
Date for survey on your property:
Proposed date for Settlement:
Your solicitor will send out a copy of the offer and contact to discuss terms.
Once discussed and agreed a formal acceptance of the offer will be sent to the purchasers
solicitor (This could include your titles if your solicitor has already obtained them from your
There are no legal obligations until the missives (the contract) are signed.
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