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The successful sale of your property
can be reliant on the instruction
of an efficient solicitor with experience
in property conveyancing and a
thorough understanding of property
in market.
It is a good idea to do some research
and make a decision before you put
your property on the market.
Most estate agents are able to offer
recommendation if required.
Selecting an Estate Agent
Step-by-step guide to
Instructing a solicitor
Step-by-step guide to
What kind of marketing package will they use to present your
property and are all elements included?
Do they have a successful website that attracts a large number of
unique visitors?
Will your property be promoted on other aggregator websites and if
so which?
Do they have their own magazine in which your property will be
featured and if so how often is it published?
Do they advertise in key newspapers and magazines?
Do they use email and SMS marketing to promote properties?
Do they have a specialist photography department to showcase your
* Ask for a copy of the Terms and Conditions so you can familiarise
yourself with the content.
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