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Pre-Christmas Update

Welcome everyone to your pre-Christmas update from the Next Home Team across Perthshire and Tayside. Its not often you hear about good news in the press recently, but for sellers with our Estate Agents across the region winter has been very positive indeed.

John Greener
Sales Director, comments

“The Winter Market is still in full swing as buyers clamber to take advantage of the tax saving when buying properties. The pent up demand was very much underestimated during our full lockdown and now buyers are determined to make a move. 

This effectively is a real incentive for buyers to move before the 31st of March 2021. Below you can see where the tax implications on purchases below £250,000 are reduced to £0 until then. So if you are selling it maybe worth launching your home before Christmas, or at least getting your chosen agent instructed early January.

The order 2020′ introduced by the Scottish Government on 15 July 2020 has been a complete success in stimulating the property market, the question now will be, will they extend this further?”

Our thoughts so far is that this may come to an end in March as legislated for as the government place measures to increase taxation to recoup their support schemes across the country since Covid.

So if I am looking to sell when would you recommend?

Ashley Thomson
Area Sales Manager, comments

“It may seem a little strange with Christmas almost upon us but my advice would be to get your agent working for you now. Buyers are very aware of the savings and this continues to attract them to viewing, making this a ‘Sellers’ Market’ . This combined with Next homes ‘Free Home Report Scheme’ which may come to an end soon means Big saving for sellers and Buyers alike.

If you are thinking of selling in December or January call us now to get an up to date valuation and free consultation on the market so you are ready. Do not miss out on your potential savings, Christmas is expensive enough! – By calling us before the new year could save up to £700 for sellers. And if you are selling and buying before March the 31st up to £2100 additional in LBTT.”

My team is available 7 days a week for advice, just call our dedicated number 01738 44 43 42 and we would be delighted to help and guide you how to save Thousands in buying and selling.

We hope you are all well and enjoying the beautiful countryside as the autumn sets in around Perthshire and Tayside. The October holidays have flown by and we hope you have managed to get a little break with your families. Lets all hope we see normality return again so we can plan some Christmas family time together.
So lets bring you all up to speed on the October Market and how Next Home have seen Property sales right across Perthshire.

Local Prices and volumes of sales

Ashley Thomson
Area Sales Manager, comments

“There is still a very positive tone to the market in Tayside and Perthshire. We have seen large volumes of Properties sell within days of marketing and achieving well over the Home Report value. Closing dates are not unusual with sometimes up to 5 or 6 interested parties coming forward. There is a great opportunity for all home movers to save money right now with the tax relief and very low rates for borrowing. We know the last applications were submitted for the first home fund and this has now ended until the start of the 2021. This has been fantastic for the market but is not the only support in getting on that property ladder. The Lift Scheme and the New home fund continues and is such a great boost for buyers. Also, Lending is still available with very low deposits so please speak to our experts if you are considering buying.”

Award Winners – Double sales figures for your local Blairgowrie team

We are delighted this quarter to announce our award-winning team who look after Blairgowrie and the surrounding area have had an exceptional Few Months. National Property Portal Rightmove have just released data which confirms compared to other Agents using Rightmove in the Blairgowrie area, Next Home have sold double the number of Properties since June.
Congratulations everyone – that is why you are number 1.

Don’t forget if you are looking to sell – for a limited time only we have an unbeatable offer… (limited time only*)

Next Home 24hr Launch package – which includes

  • Same day valuation service (Video Valuations getting carried out within 15 minutes)
  • Free Home Report (co-ordinated with the local surveyors , saving of up to £700)
  • Professional photography – including stunning brochure
  • HD video – Internal and external
  • 7 days a week service to sale – we take care of everything
  • Premium listing on National Websites – Rightmove and Zoopla
  • Access to 1000’s of Local buyers – exclusive database of Buyers each week we reach 25,000+
  • Dedicated Social media Campaign – Targets your audience within minutes

Call 01738 44 43 42 to secure your ‘Platinum package’ now

With the current situation with Covid it seems a strange time to celebrate, but Next Home have reached another milestone this September. For over 16 years Next Home have been an intrinsic part of the Property scene in Perthshire and have seen some quite dramatic changes in the way Properties are bought and sold. The good news right now is that Properties are moving at quite a pace and if you are thinking of selling, Next Home have a fantastic ‘Exclusive Platinum Marketing Package’ to get you moving.

The Offer (limited time only*)

Next Home 24hr Launch package – which includes

  • Same day valuation service (Video Valuations getting carried out within 15 minutes)
  • Free Home Report (co-ordinated with the local surveyors , saving of up to £700)
  • Professional photography – including stunning brochure
  • HD video – Internal and external
  • 7 days a week service to sale – we take care of everything
  • Premium listing on National Websites – Rightmove and Zoopla
  • Access to 1000’s of Local buyers – exclusive database of Buyers each week we reach 25,000+
  • Dedicated Social media Campaign – Targets your audience within minutes

Call 01738 44 43 42 to secure your ‘Platinum package’ now

September Sales reach new level of success for Next Home with over 40 properties under offer.

‘The results keep coming as Next Home register record numbers of buyers across Perthshire’.

Ashley Thomson,
Area Sales Manager, quotes

“The team having been working nonstop now for weeks to organise essential viewings for our clients. With the current situation we can only be working with qualified buyers. This has become an essential part of the success for our clients. Next Home are ensuring we are Negotiating with buyers in a position to offer, this keeps the market safe and moving at the same time. There is no doubt that we have had a fabulous response from the public, and they are so glad to help by wearing masks and gloves to keep everyone safe. This practice has allowed us to operate effectively and see huge success for our clients over the last 3 months.”

Kenny McCulley,
Area Valuer, quotes

“The best part of being with Next Home is that we have a dedicated Mortgage and Legal team to help all our movers. Having all of these services under one roof is essential right now so we can remove any uncertainty on Value and affordability within minutes. Our award-winning Mortgage team have over 100 first time buyers ready to go and actively viewing in the market. This makes us very unique right now in the marketplace and lets us remove that worry from any seller when it comes to moving.”

We would always suggest if anyone is thinking of selling to contact our  Mortgage team. They are working 7 days a week via video for the client’s convenience. Within minutes our clients are able to confirm their finance, liaise with the legal team and get ready to bring their property to the market.

Over the last couple of Months we have manged to launch a clients property within 24hrs, that combined with our selling times we’ve had clients sold and bought within the week!

After a hectic two weeks of New Listings and Sales Next Home are back to what they love best, selling Property. This week we thought we would get a little insight into our team and just one reason why they really get a kick out of helping customers moving in this market.

Over 150 clients successfully moved so far since lockdown and counting – meet Perthshire’s hardest working team!

If you are thinking of selling don’t hesitate to get in touch, as you will ready we would love to help!

Meet the award winning team

Ashley Thomson,
Area Property Manager

“I love property. If there is one thing that makes all our hard work worthwhile, it must be how we make our clients feel. I receive such warm feedback from our clients, buyers, and sellers that my team really care, that’s what makes me proud. We are without a doubt one big family here at Next Home and everyone of us loves what we do.”

Kenny McCulley,
Area Valuer

“It may seem a little cliché, but my greatest feeling comes from the client trusting me to help them move. Every day I visit client’s homes and they trust me to give them sound advice and realistic moving times. Over 6 years of selling experience with Next Home gives the client a great deal of confidence in my skills and ability and I love proving every time they have made the right decision.”

Karis Hutchinson,
Senior Sales Negotiator

“When it comes to selling your home, all clients feel under a little pressure or stress. I like nothing more than turning that stress and worry into excitement and happiness when we get the client moving. I know I have found my perfect role in Property.”

Zara Rollinson,
Sales & Lettings Negotiator

“From day one of working at Next Home what  makes me feel proud is how happy clients are when selling and buying with Next Home. It feels great after working hard to match buyers to their dream home, seeing them on move in day, picking up their keys. Thats why i love what i do!”

Cara Maclellan,
Sales Negotiator

“I get such a great feeling in pleasing the client and making their move so much easier. Hearing a client so happy in their voice over the phone is my best feeling. Its that point where they now know they’ll be making their dream move, nothing could be better!.”

Mortgage News Next Home News

Mortgage Club

To deliver this 7 days a week we need to have the most capable people in our industry. Over the last year we have been headhunting the very Best Advisors and now we have 5 Dedicated Mortgage and Insurance Experts based locally for you.

The fabulous five will be on hand to deliver a truly exceptional personal service to our Mortgage Club Members. This is not a call centre working remotely, these are your ‘Team for Life’.

So, without further ado I would like to introduce you to you to some familiar faces, and some new.

Mortgage Club Manager
Lisha Moffat

Lisha started with our company over a year ago and has been learning the business from the ground roots up. She has shown a real passion for property and offers a first-class service to our clients. When the opportunity came up Lisha was very keen to take her knowledge and previous mortgage experience through to our mortgage department.

Mortgage & Protection Adviser
Leann Polson

Leann has been in the Financial Services industry for over 28 years. She has worked in back-office and customer front-facing roles and been giving Mortgage & Protection Advice now for over 14 years. Leann believes there is no better feeling than to help our clients buy their dream home whether this is their first home or their forever home.

Mortgage & Protection Adviser
Dominic Lees

Dominic is originally from Shropshire and has lived in the North East of Scotland for the last 15 years, starting as a student at Aberdeen University. He has taken a rather unorthodox route into Financial Services, having spent a number of years running various Shops in Aberdeen before moving on to Nationwide Building Society and then on to become a Mortgage Advisor. He has a real passion for helping clients and loves to go the extra mile. He is never happier than when he is speaking with his clients, any time of the day (or night!), and service with a smile is always guaranteed.

Mortgage & Protection Adviser
Jade Johnson-Cowan

Jade joined Next Home after receiving great mortgage advice herself from Next Home during her maternity leave from the bank. This spurred Jade on to leave the bank as the opportunity to offer clients products across the whole market was beneficial when advising them on their mortgage and protection needs.

Being able to work in my local town and help people I know with their largest outgoing, is extremely satisfying. I have saved so many clients money which has helped them be in a better financial position.

With over 70 years combined industry experience between them, we believe we have the very best people in our industry to look after the most important people in our company…..You !

They will be in touch with you over the coming months to introduce themselves and to let you know all about our services and how they can help you. However if you need any immediate advice just let us know.

Remember all our Mortgage Club Members receive FREE ADVICE FOR LIFE, there are no fees for our advice.

Look out for our next email which will include news on our Monthly Prize Draw which this month is a Galaxy Tablet.

Kind regards

Brian McCulley
Financial Services Operations Manager

Main Office: 01738 45 90 69

Brian McCulley
Letting News

How to save money whilst renting

Just because you don’t own the property doesn’t mean that you don’t have some control over your bills! Here are some ideas on how you can save some pennies – If you look after the pennies, the pounds look after themselves!

Hot Water Tank Jacket

If have a water tank it could be a good idea to get a wee blanket for it! Insulated tank jackets are widely available and could save you around £50 a year with as little as a £15 cost to purchase. This is an especially good idea if your water tank is an older model – newer ones tend to be better insulated. The jacket will help to contain the heat and not let it lose in your linen closet.

Only do a full load of washing

Only do your washing when you have enough for a full load, 90% of the energy used when using the machine is through heating the water so, reducing the amount of loads you have to do could save you around £10 per month!


If you have to replace any bulbs whilst you’re staying in the property then replace them with energy efficient ones such as LED bulbs. This may seem like a slightly expensive purchase but, they can save you a serious amount of money long term.


If the kitchen appliances are your own then, you could consider swapping them out for some updated and more energy efficient versions. Your main focus when purchasing should be the energy efficiency and reliability.

If you’re looking for a property to rent we have a variety available here at Next Home and we are sure to have one to suit your needs so, call our team of local property experts today to find out more!

Advice News Selling

Conservatories – How much value do they add?

Home improvements are a big business these days, often people are wanting to get the best possible value for their home and look for ways of increasing that!

Adding a conservatory can be a great way to add value to your home – its always an attractive selling point especially if your property sits upon beautiful garden grounds or has some stunning scenery! It is said that they add an oasis of calm and tranquillity together with adding light to a property.

11% of homeowners have paid for this quintessentially British add on with the average cost being £4,300.

You needn’t worry about temperature issues that could be typically associated with a conservatory, in recent years different roofing and insulation types have been developed to make the temperature easier to control throughout the year, making it useable all year round.

A study by Towergate Insurance conducted in 2017 suggest that a conservatory can add up to around 5% to the value of a property. In comparison it found that a loft conversation can add up to 15% but, it really depends what sort of garden or loft space you have!

Here are some tips for when you’re thinking about adding a conservatory to your home:

  • Check whether you need planning permission; contact your local council. This is a MUST.
  • Get a variety of quotes. Read reviews and ask family and friends who they have used.
  • Try to get the conservatory to blend with the rest of the house – so try and match it to existing windows or replace them at the same time so it will all match.
  • If you have a large property/budget then consider an orangery instead

If you’re wondering about the value of your home or if you’re considering selling then call our team of dedicated local property experts today! We will be delighted to help and advise you the best way we can.

Advice Letting News Selling

How to choose an Estate Agent

Your first choice is whether you chose a traditional agent or an online agent.

A traditional agent will have an office that you can visit and will often offer a much better service than an online agent and they will normally take care of the sale each step of the way in return for a fee when the sale goes through – otherwise known as a commission fee. Online agencies normally charge an up-front fee and they don’t have offices you can visit so, often you have to deal with a lot of the selling process yourself – using a traditional agent takes that stress away.

Here at Next Home we are Perthshire’s favourite traditional estate agent but, we thought we’d give you a few tips on how to pick the best agent for you!

  • Start by making a shortlist of local agents
  • Narrow down your choices; look at reviews, ask family and friends who they have used and who they would recommend
  • Find out if they’re the right agent for you – go and visit them. See how they make you feel and how approachable they are. Always important when trying to get people through the door to view your property.
  • Get several valuations. The actual valuation is likely to be similar, if not the same but, again it and will help you to assess the agency; how punctual are they, are they polite, professional and knowledgeable?
  • Tell the agent what you need. If you need a quick sale then let them know. A good agent will be able to tailor their service to suit your needs. Be honest about your circumstances.
  • Ask lots of questions. Ask the agent about their marketing techniques, what websites they have access to, if they have a ‘hot’ buyer bank in place to get people through the door to view straight away. A ‘hot’ buyer is someone that is ready purchase and is just waiting for a suitable property to become available, a good agency will pro-actively work your property and introduce it to potential buyers.
  • Get the agent to explain what each fee is for and clarify when they’re due to be paid – understand what you’re paying for.
  • Choose your agent. It’s true when they say people buy people. You’ll get an instinct for who you want to choose but assess which pricing structure and service is best for you.

Once you’ve made your decision call your agent and let them know the good news and then they’ll explain the next steps of putting your property on the market. If you’re thinking about selling your home then call our dedicated team of local property experts to get the ball rolling!

Advice Buying News Selling

Fast broadband is now more important than schooling for house hunters!

Recent research carried out on a group of 2,115 people has found that a fast broadband connection has risen up through the ranks of priorities when searching for a home.

A recent survey carried out by broadband choices found that a fast and reliable broadband connection was topping the charts above being close to good schooling and nurseries (57%), close to family and friends (38%) and good local amenities at (35%).

Additionally 62% of people surveyed said that they would offer a higher purchase price on a property if superfast broadband was guaranteed.

If you need help searching for a new home or deciding what location to look in then call our dedicated team of property experts today, with their vast array of local knowledge they will be happy to help look at your choices and to assess what could be best for you and then see what properties could be available to you.

News Selling

Did you know that every second someone contacts an estate agent about a home on Rightmove?

That’s right one person a second! Rightmove are the Property Giants of the UK property market and it is key to be featured on their website.

That doesn’t include the amount of people looking at your listing without contacting the Agent!

Estate agents that advertise their properties on Rightmove will not only be able to provide you with access to the largest, most active, audience of UK home-movers, they will also be able to provide you with valuable local market knowledge and expertise to help you price and present your property for success.

Here at Next Home we believe it is vitally important to the sale of the property that you are featured on all the main property portals, Rightmove included, and we advertise on all three main websites (Rightmove, Zoopla & OnTheMarket) as standard!

Thinking of selling? Call Perthshire’s Number One Agent now – it could be the best move you ever make!

Advice News Selling

Do ‘Premium Listings’ and ‘Featured Properties’ help sell your home?

Next Home believe they do! With the market being so competitive right now it is so important to make your property stand out from the crowd! Next Home have invested in both the latest technologies and trends to really make your property stand out from the competition.

Both Property giants Rightmove and Zoopla offer Premium & Feature Listings. They help attract more attention and make your property seen by more buyers, quite simple really!

What is the difference between a Premium Listing & Featured Property?

There are a few differences between the two, the first being the cost! Next Home however can offer this to our clients as part of our Platinum Package, meaning that you won’t have to pay any more to have your property on all the best websites as a feature!

Below are some of the differences between the two:

Featured Properties:

  • Featured listing ensures your property is one of the first to be seen in any search matching its criteria
  • 3 photos in your summary
  • Listing includes blue box to help your listing stand out from the others on the page
  • Your listing is also included in the search results as normal, giving your property double the visibility
  • With the additional exposure, Rightmove stats suggest it increases enquiries and click-throughs by 50%, meaning you find the right buyer or tenant for your property more quickly
  • Featured Listings are used on desktop and all mobile devices

Premium Listing:

  • The Rightmove Premium listing ensures your property stands out from the property list as it’s highlighted in green
  • Includes 4 photos in your summary
  • Listing includes a styled green box to help your listing stand out from the others on the page
  • With the additional exposure, Rightmove stats suggest the Premium listing increases attention and click-throughs on your property by 30%, meaning you find the right buyer or tenant for your property more quickly
  • Premium listings are used on desktop and all mobile devices
  • Premium listing status continues throughout the period of marketing until your listing expiry or until sold/let.

So it really does show that having your property on with an agent who offers Premium & Featured Listings is key to selling your home. With up to 50% more interest in your property it would be crazy not too!

Next Home offer this to our clients as part of our package, we are Perthshire Number one Selling Agent for a reason, and this is just one of the many things we can offer you to sell your property for the best price!

Call us now if you are thinking of selling – it could be the best move you ever make!

Advice News Selling

What could possibly put people off purchasing your home?

Now, we know that most of the time people are very proud of the home they have and that they want every viewer to feel the same way! So, we thought we’d tell you some points that might put people off your property, although unfortunately some of them you can’t do much about! Research conducted by Good Move.

  • Noisy neighbours
  • Signs of damp
  • A shared garden
  • Signs of cracks in the walls
  • 3’s on a Home Report
  • Front door opening onto a main road
  • No garden
  • No parking
  • Unattractive smells
  • High street or situated on a busy road

Obviously, you can’t do anything about some of these things such as location but, things like damp, cracks in walls or any 3’s on the HR you should really consider carrying out repair works to get these issues corrected.

If you’re thinking about selling your home then contact your local property experts here at Next Home today! Our dedicated team work tirelessly to sell your home and achieve the best results for you no matter where or what property you’re selling – we’re Perthshire’s favourite agent for a reason!

Landlords Letting News

Are you struggling to find a tenant?

We know that finding a new tenant for your buy to let property can be a stressful process so, we thought we’d give you a few top tips to avoid putting potential tenants off!

  • Clutter – Even if a property being let as furnished (a great way to achieve a higher yield) don’t overcrowd it with unnecessary items! People often have a lot of belongings themselves so, leave enough room for those!
  • Fresh coat of paint – A fresh coat of paint an easy and relatively low-cost way of brightening up a property and making it look more appealing.
  • Unfinished jobs – Even if you intend to get the jobs finished before the tenant moves in, don’t let viewings commence before the property is completely finished.
  • Clean, clean, clean – Make sure the property is clean! Set the standard for your tenant! You can’t expect your tenant to keep the property clean and tidy if it wasn’t given to them that way!
  • Make sure everything is in working order – Make sure all of the appliances are in full working order. Again it can deter a potential tenant if they think that you don’t properly maintain things because if there is ever an issue during their tenancy then it may give the impression that you won’t get it resolved in a timely fashion, if at all.

If you’re struggling to find a tenant for your property then you should consider having your property managed by us! Next Home is Perthshire’s favourite estate agency! Call your local property experts today to find out more!